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I would like to take a progress database and place it on 4 solid state drives in raid 10.  All the bays in my power edge 2950 are full and they are 3.5" drives anyway so replacing them is not an option.  I would just like to know what is a reliable yet reasonably price sas solution to place my solid state drives in to run my database from.  My database is only 4 gigs in size but would like the drive volume to be at least 50 gigs by the time the raid is setup.  Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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BigSchmuhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, if all your data are in RAM, a "10x increase in speed" is going to be a small increase.

Appart from that, if you already have a 64bit edition of OpenEdge, I would suggest 2 scenario:
1/ All in RAM
-Upgrade to 8GB minimum
-Allocating enough memory for all the data + index + 20% to stay in RAM
-Arrange a warmup script (a simple "select *" on all tables) to allow filling up all the cache

2/ 2x SSD in a PCIe slot with LOGs on existing HDD
-Check the form factor compatibility for 2x SSD PCIe (with riser card ?)
-Add 2x SSD PCIe like the OCZ RevoDrive X2 100GB $360
-Move your data, index, temp files on it
Why don't you mount your db on a 8GB server to allow all data to stay in RAM ?
If your current Progress release handles only a 32bit process, you should try to upgrade to a 64bit one (I think it's 64bit compatible since OpenEdge 10.1b)
As far as I know, SSDs come with SATA interfaces, but if you have a SAS controller, they will be compatible.  There are enterprise class SSDs and consumer grade SSDs, with prices that are very different, so you will have to decide which you want to go with.  This paper describes the reasons:  Also look at

Enterprise class SSDs are on the order of thousands of dollars, while consumer grade SSDs are in the order of hundreds of dollars.  You can buy PCIe slot mounted drives, internal drives or external drives.  A single 60GB consumer grade SSD costs about $130, but SSDs in RAID arrays do not have TRIM support from the OS yet, which is critical for maximum performance.
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All sectors in database files are UPDATED where TRIM only cares of informing the SSD controller of DELETED sectors. You should only take care of storing the LOG files out of the SSD to avoid needing this TRIM support.

Last one, if you can't upgrade to a 64bit OpenEdge release, you may install a PCIe x8 Enterprise SSD like the OCZ VeloDrive
fasseAuthor Commented:
I know this is probably not the best way to look at this but is there somewhat of a equaling factor of quality vs quantity.

1 or 2 enterprise drives thousands.
4 or more standard in raid 10 a $1000

I have thought about running the whole db in ram but our consultant said that we would truly see a 10X increase in speed if we can get the software and the db installed to a solid state drive.

fasseAuthor Commented:
We have been thinking about this more and more.  We have a poweredge 2950 with scsi backplane.  Would it be possible to change out the backplane and install a sata one that would then allow us to use the 2.5"  ssd in our drive cage on the server.  We are looking at this as an opportunity to upgrade the drive for our operating system as well.  We would change out all six drives and replace with ssd.  I have seen the backplanes on ebay for 100 or less like the ones listed below.  Is this all we would have to change on the server side to be able to use the ssd's.  This machine is a quad core, quad processor with lots of power.  We do hate to use an aftermarket device that would not give us the throughput that the machine is capable of.  

ebay 2950 sata backplane
My 2 suggestions (1-RAM or 2-SSD on PCIe) above doesn't require any change to the backplane or current HDD...
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