Emails do not appear in Exchange 2003 Mailbox Inbox

i have around 50 users on my exchange server and they all able to access their mailbox. I created a new user today and have the strangest issue. No emails appear in the users mailbox, however sending emails from the users account works fine? When i check the email i send to user in the message tracking sender it appears he never received it, however two other user included in the email did. The local message queue on the server is empty so they are not stuck there. The email client is Outlook 2010. Message doesn't show in the OWA folder either. Any idea whats happening here?
Martin GerlachConsultantAsked:
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Martin GerlachConnect With a Mentor ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I rebooted the server and the mailbox was accessible after.
Do you by any chance have a spam-filtering solution that needs to be updated with the new user's email address?
Martin GerlachConsultantAuthor Commented:
The mailbox service was hung, after restarting the server and the services the issues was resolved
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