Disk2VHD won't Virtualize XP Pro 32

My problem is that I can’t seem to virtualize my old XP machine with Disk2VHD so I can have it on my new Win7 computer. I’d like to use Disk2VHD instead of a VM product to avoid XP licensing problems (I have OEM XP Pro).

I put together a new Win 7 Pro computer and will retire the XP Pro SP3 OEM  32bit machine I’ve been using for several years.  The old XP machine has an Asus P5B Plus motherboard with Intel Core 2 Duo and 4gb memory. The hard drives are two 320gb in Raid 1. The Raid 1 array has only the XP single OS partition.   I have a Windows Home Server (WHS) with lots of backups of the Raid 1 at various times, and it works just fine for bare metal restores – I’ve been restoring a lot lately during my splashing around trying to get this to work.

The Asus P5B MB has the Intel  ICH8R Raid controller.  It also has a Jmicron JMB363 Raid controller for the eSata and some further Sata MB ports.

To get Disk2VHD to work, I have to have my XP machine on a physical disk less than 127gb.  To start with, I removed the dual 320gb Raid 1 drives and set them aside. Then I set the ICH8R from Raid to AHCI and used the WHS to put the image on a single 1TB drive on an ICH8R Sata port. It wouldn’t boot on the ICH8R in AHCI, but would in Raid setting.  I could put it on the eSata port (JMicro controller), and it would boot with JMicro AHCI setting from there.

So I left it on the eSata port and whittled the content size down to about 44gb by ditching the pics, videos etc.  That should be small enough. Then tried to shrink the volume down below 127gb with a view to disk imaging to a 120gb  laptop drive I have.  If I could do that and get the 120gb to boot, I assume I’d be able to run Disk2VHD and have it open on the Win7 pro machine.

First hurdle was shrinking – ran across the 2nd MFT problem in the middle of the 1tb drive. Got over that with Easus Partition Master – It shrunk the XP Pro partition down to a volume size of 100gb, and it would still boot on the eSata.

But when I disk imaged that 1tb drive with only the 100gb XP partition to the 120gb drive using a couple of different programs, it wouldn’t boot.  If I can’t get it to boot, I can’t run Disk2VHD.

There are perhaps some other things I could try, but maybe someone here knows the RIGHT way to get this done.  I’m sort of wandering around in the wilderness.



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FarWestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you can try to create a new VM without OS, mount the backup disk image you have and restore.

also in windows 7 you can mount vhd as a disk (not running VM) and use its content

2 years ago I had the same issue but it was multiple OS partision, I created a blank VHD disk, mount the other VHD created using DISK2VHD as a secoundy IDE, then mount the Windows XP CD in repair mode and modify the boot file and active partition

I hope this will help
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)Connect With a Mentor VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
What Hypervisor are you using?

Use VMware Converter to perform the P2V. (but your OEM Windows license is not transferable fro m physical to virtual hardware).

Download VMware vCenter Converter here

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.x Documentation

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.3 User Guide

If you have issues, you may want to consult the following guides

Read fellow Expert Bestway's article.

Best Practice Video Guide here

Check the video here I created earlier, and you can see the process.

Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
Note: Physical-to-virtual hard drive migration of a Windows installation is a valid function for customers with Software Assurance and full retail copies of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Software Assurance provides users valuable benefits—please contact Microsoft Corporation for further information. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 installed by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) using OEM versions of these products may not be transferred to a virtual hard drive in accordance with Microsoft licensing terms.

ddecker66Author Commented:
fryezz:   Your reply got me on the track of mounting VHD's with a backup image inside. All I needed was a backup program with a rescue disk that would boot in Windows Virtual PC.  I tried several, finally finding Paragon that let you create a rescue disk that would boot from a CD in the VM which also had an image-containing VHD hooked to the secondary IDE.  So I was able to restore.  Unfortunately, that VM wouldn't boot after the Win XP image was restored to it.  It hung. So I gave up on Disk2VHD for my situation

hanccocka:  Thanks for the ready reference material on VMware.  I downloaded and used their free tools  (Converter and Player) and my old XP machiin booted in a VM without drama. It does want activation, but I can go get a WinXP Pro retail version and do an in place channel change from OEM to Retail on the old computer running its Win XP OS, then virtualize again and be in a position to reactivate the VM version.

This took me a lot of fooling around since I am new to VM's and was feeling my way.

Thanks guys.

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