Exchange 2007 local mail not working

This is a very strange issue.  After a V-2-V migration tonight I started up the newly migrated exchange 2007 VM and when I open outlook, everything looks fine, says im connected, I can send and receive email, I can telnet to all ports to test connectivity just fine, the problem is, I attempt to send an email to myself, or anyone inside the exchange org and it shows in outlook it is in my sent mail, but wont deliver.

I sent an email to myself both internally and externally, nothing, I opened the message tracker and I cant even see its been submitted to the queue for delivery.

Any idea what can cause this? Everything looks fine from my end and I am really stuck here.
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smyers051972Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Reverted to the OLD VM, so closing this one to make a new question.
if you open the queue viewer in the tools part of exchange system manager are there any messages queued up??

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Dave J
smyers051972Author Commented:
I checked the queue, as stated above didnt even make it to the queue but on the client it shows as if it was sent, no delivery took place.
smyers051972Author Commented:
I can receive external emails though, maybe its not allowing me to queue email inside the network?
smyers051972Author Commented:
No longer an issue.
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