HP StorageWorks MSA60 Connectivity

First i will explain the setup.

We have two HP MSA 60 array's both attached to a sepreate HP ProLiant DL360 R06 Server. One is our backup server and the other is our storage server.

What i would like to do is plug the MSA drive connected to the storage server to the storage server. This is so i can run a back up directly from Disk to Disk rather than across the network. Is this possible?

Many Thanks
theabbeyschoolNetwork ManagerAsked:
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shiva_kvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To do this you will need :

1. 2 Gigabit ethernet cards (Check compatibility with your Server vendor)
2. A regular Cat 5/e cable (New NIC's have Autosense which eliminates the need for crossover cables)

Since most cards are autosense built in you donot need to make a crossover cable.
Hard set the NIC Speeds to Full-duplex 1Gbps from NIC driver properties.

Setup IP address:

Here's a complete guide:

(again, Ignore the cross-over part, your NIC will do it automatically , just use a plain old network cable :D )

Or if you want to use the switch for the same, Contact your Network Switch vendor to configure the switch ports for use with different IP /Subnet range and then connect the NICS to the designated ports, you should be all set.

>What i would like to do is plug the MSA drive connected to the storage server to the storage server.

I'm sure that's not what you mean since it's a;ready connected to that server.

If you mean can you connect the MSA60 to two servers at once then that's not possible, you would get data corruption. You could shut down one server and move the cable to the other server and it would pick up the disk configuration but you hardly want to swap cables about every night for backup purposses.
You can cascade (1+1) the MSA60 so that you can see both arrays from a single server.  The backup operations would then likely need to be controlled by a client running on the storage server.

Refer to the HP user guide for cascading setups.
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They'd still have to move the cables from one server to another each night, it's impractical.
We do not know the extent of their network or their backup needs.  Assuming the backup server is handling much more than this storage server, which is likely, then I also would not recommend cascading the arrays.  But, if they can get away with permanently moving the second array to the storage server, then they should look into it.

theabbeyschool, I personally backup a great deal of data across the network at night with no ill effects.  Unless you are running 24/7 and suffering from bandwidth loss, I would just leave well enough alone.  

You could always install an extra NIC in each server (if you don't have any open) and create a backup network on a different subnet.  Then you could direct the backup traffic through that network and leave your production network alone.
You may not want to move the cables between servers every night, a pair of Gigabit Ethernet cards would be a across servers ( you could use four and team to increase throughput as well) on a different Subnet.

theabbeyschoolNetwork ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your input so far. How can i set up a beackup network and to only copy through the 'New' Subnet?

Many Thanks
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