PHP Reversing order of MMYY

If I have user input of 0812, I need the variable to be changed to 1208.  So my quick attempt to do this is:

$expiry_date=$_POST[abc]; //'1308' YYMM
$backwardsExpiry = sprintf("%02d",substr($_POST[abc],3,2)).sprintf("%02d",substr($_POST[abc],0,2));
print("Expiry = " . $expiry_date."<br>");
print("Backwards = " . $backwardsExpiry."<br>");

The print out is

How do I fill only if it comes back as 8 rather than 08?
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h4hardyConnect With a Mentor Sr. Software EnginnerCommented:
you are near to is the code

$expiry_date=$_POST[abc]; //'1308' YYMM
$backwardsExpiry  = substr($expiry_date,2,2).substr($expiry_date,0,2);
print("Expiry = " . $expiry_date."<br>");
print("Backwards = " . $backwardsExpiry."<br>");

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kkbenjAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I was overthinking it.
h4hardySr. Software EnginnerCommented:
yes.... a great coder do a silly mistake always...!
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