Remove unwanted variables from URL when using GET in an HTML form

Posted on 2011-09-14
Last Modified: 2012-05-12

I have an HTML form which is self populating from a database. The form is a series of dropdowns. The form is used to choose parameters for a search/filter function, The problem I have is that all variables are sent to the URL even when empty. For example:!

When really I need the URL to be:

How do I stop all these unwanted variables from being in the URL? There are a number of reasons why I want them removed.

Here is an example of the form I am using:

			<form method="get" action="scooters-list-test.php?"/>
            <select name = "model_range" > 
            	<option value = "">All Models</option>
				<?php foreach (getListOptions('products_scooters', 'model_range') as $value => $label): ?> 
				<option value = "<?php echo $value;?>" <?php selectedIf($value, @$_REQUEST['model_range']);?>><?php echo $label; ?></option> 
				<?php endforeach ?> 
            <select name = "engine_size"> 
				<option value = "">All Engine Types</option>
				<?php foreach (getListOptions('products_scooters', 'engine_size') as $value => $label): ?> 
				<option value = "<?php echo $value;?>" <?php selectedIf($value, @$_REQUEST['engine_size']);?>><?php echo $label; ?></option> 
				<?php endforeach ?> 
            <select name = "stroke_type"> 
				<option value = "">All Stroke types</option>
				<?php foreach (getListOptions('products_scooters', 'stroke_type') as $value => $label): ?> 
				<option value = "<?php echo $value;?>" <?php selectedIf($value, @$_REQUEST['stroke_type']);?>><?php echo $label; ?></option> 
				<?php endforeach ?> 
            <select name = "cooling_system" > 
				<option value = "">All Cooling Options</option>
				<?php foreach (getListOptions('products_scooters', 'cooling_system') as $value => $label): ?> 
				<option value = "<?php echo $value;?>" <?php selectedIf($value, @$_REQUEST['cooling_system']);?>><?php echo $label; ?></option> 
				<?php endforeach ?> 
            <select name = "colours" > 
				<option value = "">All Colour Options</option>
				<?php foreach (getListOptions('products_scooters', 'colours') as $value => $label): ?> 
				<option value = "<?php echo $value;?>" <?php selectedIf($value, @$_REQUEST['colours']);?>><?php echo $label; ?></option> 
				<?php endforeach ?> 
            <select name = "promotion_id_use" > 
				<option value = "">With / Without Promotion</option>
				<?php foreach (getListOptions('products_scooters', 'promotion_id_use') as $value => $label): ?> 
				<option value = "<?php echo $value;?>" <?php selectedIf($value, @$_REQUEST['promotion_id_use']);?>><?php echo $label; ?></option> 
				<?php endforeach ?> 
           <input type="submit" name="submit" value="GO!" />

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Expert Comment

ID: 36535312
just  replace the below line of code ..and it's work..
<form method="post" action="scooters-list-test.php?"/>

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let me know your view.


Author Comment

ID: 36535337
Hi h4hardy,

Thanks, but I need the relevant variables to show. Otherwise bookmarking a search result will not be practical.

Expert Comment

ID: 36535378
no issue.. you can use the $_POST.. try the below code at your page where the form has been taken away after submitting the things..

in your case your action page is "scooters-list-test.php" so at there just type the below code..


echo "<pre>";


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Note : don't forget to select any value from the  HTML page where the drop down is listed

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Accepted Solution

leakim971 earned 500 total points
ID: 36535401
Set the onsubmit attribute of your form like this :
<form method="get" action="scooters-list-test.php?" onsubmit="return removeEmpty()">

function removeEmpty() {
     var f1 = document.getElementsByName("engine_size")[0];
     var f2 = document.getElementsByName("stroke_type")[0];
     var f3 = document.getElementsByName("cooling_system")[0];
     var f4 = document.getElementsByName("colours")[0];
     var f5 = document.getElementsByName("promotion_id_use")[0];
     if(f1.options[f1.selectedIndex].value.length == 0) f1.disabled = true;
     if(f2.options[f2.selectedIndex].value.length == 0) f2.disabled = true;
     if(f3.options[f3.selectedIndex].value.length == 0) f3.disabled = true;
     if(f4.options[f4.selectedIndex].value.length == 0) f4.disabled = true;
     if(f5.options[f5.selectedIndex].value.length == 0) f5.disabled = true;
     return true;

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Author Closing Comment

ID: 36535487
Great solution! Exactly what I was looking for.

Author Comment

ID: 36535501
Out of curiosity how would I remove the:
at the end of the URL?

Author Comment

ID: 36535539
Actually just worked out how to do that :) Thanks again....
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Expert Comment

ID: 36535624
>Out of curiosity how would I remove the:

Add this line : document.getElementsByName("submit')[0].disabled = true;

It's a bad practice to give a field the name "submit"
Change it to Submit or mysubmit


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