Non clustered index not passing through merge replication


Trying to deploy a new non clustered index to a table which is published via merge replication. I have the table properties of the article set as copy nonclustered indexes = true, however regardless of where I deploy it (publisher or subscriber) it does not propgate to the other db.

I have tried a variety of deployments and re running snapshot agent but unless I reinitialise the index doesnt move on.

Any ideas?

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AnujConnect With a Mentor SQL Server DBACommented:
as per my knowledge Indexes do net get replicated in merge replication, Only at the time of initialization the indexes are copied to subscribers. You need to run this at each subscriber or try sp_addscriptexec  to create a index script file and run this at publisher.
Does the publication have the "replicate schema changes" property set?
slam69Author Commented:
Apologies I should have put that in teh question but yes it does
AnujSQL Server DBACommented:
Is that a filtered publication? Filtered publication needs re-initializing the subscription.
slam69Author Commented:
Nope direct merge no filtration... Keep em coming :)
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