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Hello Experts,

I need to start designing and developing ASP.NET Websites for the iPad. Basically I just need to make sure the website is iPad friendly and would like to know where I can find some good resources to learn from.

All sites that I create will use CSS and ASP.NET 4.0 C# (if that matters).

I'm also not sure if I should use HTML 5 for the iPad. Any thoughts on that? Is it still to new to use for iPad?
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That and Jquery Mobile. Hands down best ones I've found for free so far.  I basically kept those 2 on the top of my list, but since they both meet my needs, I've stopped looking.

What you may want to read first though is a few articles that I've come across. Great resources in regards to mobile web design.
I'm actually starting on this little endeavor myself.  I've found some great resources so far: <<Started with this  <<Working with this one too in a separate app

If your going to do a mobile website, then you can use HTML5/CSS3 for those applications. However, just make sure it degrades nicely for people viewing it on a desktop PC/Mac.  IMO I think we need to start embracing this technology more. The iPad and other tablets are just the start.

The server side language you use is completely up to you(, PHP, C#, etc.) This won't affect anything on the users' side.  
asp_net2Author Commented:
Hi LZ1,

Yeah, I agree, you can't leave them out of the loop. Alot of people use tablets/mobile devices these days especially the iPads. Hence the reason why I need to make sure my site look good using the iPad for my project since all employees in my company are using the iPad.

I will use HTML5/CSS3 for it. Do you know though if Safari for the iPad supports HTML5/CSS3?

I never heard of  before. Is there a reason though that you are using a framework for developing for the iPad rather than just designing the site to look good for the iPad?
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You can view browser support here:
Not all browsers support all attributes. However iPad and iPhone use a mobile version of Safari and yes they do support HTML 5 and CSS 3.  

I'm using a framework because I'm developing a web app, rather than a platform specific app. Most of the ground work is already done for you and you don't have to worry about the little inconsistencies. It's just making development that much easier really.
asp_net2Author Commented:
Ok, is  the best you have found so far that's free?
asp_net2Author Commented:
Thanks LZ1 for your input. I will definetly look at those....
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