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Zoom & text reading software required that supports Internet Explorer Java Based Application & MS Software

We have a user with advanced visual impairment.  

The user operates Windows XP Professional, Office 2003 with Outlook 2010.  We all use a housing application called Northgate which works via a browser and is Java based requiring the Java Access Bridge for it to work.

The user works very efficiently about 90% by memory, touch and through interaction of the Zoomtext software voice reading out text and menus.

Current hardware being used is a 27” TFT Monitor and PC with above mentioned applications installed.

The software used to assist the user is Zoomtext 9.1.

Our housing system has recently been upgraded and now requires the user to log into the computer THEN start up Zoomtext 9.1.  Whereas before we did not have this issue and currently the users colleagues have to log the computer in each morning.

To continue to receive technical support for our housing system next year we will have to upgrade again and Zoomtext 9.1 compatibility seems to suffer even more with the testing we do.  

Our main problem is that with the system being Java based through a browser it does not offer visually impaired users the same level of support as your standard Microsoft products in terms of built in tools and third party software compatibility.

Secondly, we have been testing different zoom and reading programs and as the housing system we use is Java based, many fail to be work.

Programs we have tried are, Dolphin Computer Access, Jaws, Kurzweil, Read & Write, Text Help.

If anyone can suggest other programs we can try it would be much appreciated as in 12 months time it is unlikely Zoomtext 9.1 will be suitable.
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1 Solution
I took a look at the current you have used Zoomtext 9.1.
And it doesnt mention it requires the mode. Java Access Bridge or anything out of the normal.
Zoom text 9.1 is also compatible with Windows 7.
ok here's some ideas for you,
About Orca ( gnome)
Orca is a free, open source, flexible, and extensible screen reader that provides access to the graphical desktop via user-customizable combinations of speech, braille, and magnification.
SuperNova Access Suite
How about iZoom

Screen reader from Wilki can be informative
External Screen Magnifiers may simplify the need to constantly upgrade, since it's a hands free full screen on a stand can be used anywhere and folded away when not in use, but speech woudl be required separately in some.
over priced sold separately
may I suggest you have a read of this first
Refresher on Assistive Technologies for People with Vision Impairments
On a side note there is surgury available to have this  implant in one eye, a small cynderal circle is planted in the left eye or right eye for the price it maybe cheaper than screen readers
oops missed the link
Refresher on Assistive Technologies for People with Vision Impairments
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for providing so many options to try and points of reference.  I can not confirm at this moment a solution as im going on holiday soon then I need to carry out testing on these products but thank you once again.

I will post a final solution at a later date.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
My colleague reminded me that we had to use the Java Access Bridge to enable Zoomtext to read from the Java Application.  It may now be the case we can upgrade Zoomtext and it does not require the access bridge on future versions.
Yes possibly, and i do hope so for your clients sake would simplify things.
have a great holiday auraorange
and thank you glad to help where I can
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