Does the Java SE install include the JDK?

I downloaded NetBeans Java SE at the following link:

And when I run the installer I get a warning message at the bottom of the first windows stating "No compatible JDK was found".

Will JDK be installed with the Java SE install through NetBeans or will I have to go install the JDK separately?
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viralypatelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
no you'll need to download the jdk separately ... use this link

This will download the whole bundle of NetBeans with JDK tiogether
EindoofusAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I found that link earlier. However, I still don't know whether the JDK gets installed with Java SE.
EindoofusAuthor Commented:
Sorry @viralypatel, I typed up the above comment and posted it before I saw yours.
By Java SE one may imply just runtime enviroement JRE - then it would not contain JDK,
If you are instaklling Netbeans and plan to develop you need to have JDK

If I were you, and was starting to use NetBeans I'd rather install NetBeans and JDK togeether in one bundle.
There may be some benefit to that - if you are anyway starting with both of them.

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