searcing table in Visul Studio

Hi Experts
 I used the following code to get data from sql database
    DA.Fill(DS, "Codes")
        Grid1.DataSource = DS.Tables("Codes")
       when displaying the data in the grid it has so many records with the same CallID.
e.g   callId   Desc
       p001     pads
       p001     pads new
       p001     pads old
       p002   shoes
       p002  shoes l
what I like to see is only 1 line per callID and Desc can be any
e.g  p001     pads
       p002     shoes l
please help
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CrashmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oh, thats right you must use
dim dtv as new dataview
Dim dtc As New DataTable

dtv = ds.DefaultView
dtv.Sort = "callId ASC"
dtc = dtv.ToTable("Table", True, "callID")

b001Author Commented:
Hi Crashman
It is giveing me an error
'DefaultView' is not a member of ''

on line   dtv = DS.DefaultView
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