getting a few dupicate or triplicate re-occuring meetings or appointments in the calendar in Outlook and Blackberry


Server:  SBS 2008
Client: Mac with Outlook 2011
Mobile Device:  Blackberry sync'd using a BESX

Client is setup using Exchange protocol for syncing to Mac.

Client has several recurring appointments that hr created himself that will duplicate themselves every week or so.  Duplications appear in Outlook, on the BB, and in OWA.  

The duplication is for specific recurring appointments not all of them, but all of the duplicates are recurring appointments.

If cleaned up in one version, Outlook, the changes propogate across to the other outlets such as the BB and OWA.

The Outlook identity has been re-created twice, blackberry has been wiped and reloaded twice, and still the problem keeps coming back.

No other user in the network uses a Mac and no other user including BB users are experiencing the same problem.
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jeremycushingConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
ends up the employee was terminated & this terminated my troubleshooting.  
jeremycushingAuthor Commented:
jeremycushingAuthor Commented:
I find it hard to believe the Experts are stumped.
Glen KnightCommented:
Stumped? Who you calling stumped :-)

This is actually a known problem with certain versions of Blackberry software.

Have you ensured the Blackberry server and th device are fully up to date?
jeremycushingAuthor Commented:
could not complete
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