Low virtual memory error message on PC

Low virtual memory error message on PC
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jrgcomputingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you right click my computer, properties, Advanced System Settings, Advanced (TAB), Settings (under Performance), Advanced, Change. You can change your virtual memory here. I suggest you let the system manage the size and make sure which ever drive it is on that you ahve at least the same amount of space free that you have for ram. e.g 4gb ram = 4gb disk space.
AdrienneSperberTech Support CoordinatorCommented:
Does it pop up when you do something specific?
AdrienneSperberConnect With a Mentor Tech Support CoordinatorCommented:
If it occurs when you try to open an Office application you can use the Fix It or Steps found here:

HDPGSAuthor Commented:
Appreciate the help, consider this resolved.
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