windows update not downloading server 2008

Just discovered that my Windows 2008R2 isn't downloading updates - and hasn't for quite a while.
I have AVG installed and disabled it with no change in problem.
Any ideas??
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Run the Microsoft fix-it here
Do you get an error when checking updates manually?
What are your automatic updates settings?
Are you using WSUS - either on this server, or as part of an enterprise managed update structure?
CTOSianAuthor Commented:
I am using WSUS on the server with updates occuring nightly, when available.
Attempting to manually [by this I understand you to mean that I select an update and ask the app to download it] doesn't work.
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Sorry - "manually" means...
Go to Start, Control Panel, System and Security, Windows Update.
Click on "Check for Updates" from the links on the left.

"What are your settings" means...
Go to Start, Control Panel, System and Security, Windows Update.
Click on "Change Settings" from the links on the left.

"WSUS" is not "Windows Update" (as described above).  This is WSUS:
WSUS on Wikipedia

So... I'm unclear when you talk about "ask the app," which app you're talking about.  The WSUS management console?  Or (this is my guess) the Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update window?

When you say "doesn't work," could you be a little more specific?  Is there any error message?  

CTOSianAuthor Commented:
OK, Thanks,
Manually: Yep, did that - no joy.

WSUS.. Aah! misunderstood. WSUS is the server to client distribution application. No I'm not using that. Just the standard WIndows Update app in the Control panel. {Sorry}

 Windows updates settings
By 'Ask the app' I meant that that I'd selected one of the many updates and tried to do that one.. No joy.

The error returned is the somewhat fuzzy x8000ffff. The server is attempting to download the updates, but not succeeding... gives up after a while.
 Windows update error
Thanks for the ongoing help...
+1 for dstewartjr.  I was about to post the manual directions for resetting Windows Update.  The fix-it is a much better (safer) way to go.

Let us know if the fix-it doesn't work, and I'll post the manual steps.

Good luck!
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