Conditional filed in Drupal views

In a view, the output for a field is rewritten as follows:
<div class="company-profile-title">Contact Person:</div>
<div class="company-profile-data">[field_up_oi2_contact_name_value]</div>

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I need to make it so that if [field_up_oi2_contact_name_value] is empty, then [field_up_oi1_ceo_name_value] is displayed instead.

How can I achieve that?
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h4hardyConnect With a Mentor Sr. Software EnginnerCommented:
jiiins2Author Commented:
Thanks, I just found "conditional fields" and it works just nice. My problem now is that the view doesn't have all the fields I need, i.e. $data missing something. Do you know by chance how to modify the query that populates $data?
jiiins2Author Commented:
Never mind, I got it.
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