ASUS Rampage III Power configuration.

1366  Extrema 3.4Ghz CPU
ASUS Rampage III Mobo
Ultra 1600W PSU
GTX 285 x  2 in SLI   (SLI For Counter Strike lol)
The 120GB SSD I linked above ( On its way)
24GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator  memory (maxed board out)
3TB SATA 7200RPM Samsung HDD (storage)

The mobo has 2  of the 8 pin connectors. Both of the connectors only has 4 pins exposed as each have a cover that covers 4 additional pins.

With my 1600w PSU,  do i need to use BOTH of the FULL 8 pins?  Can I get a way with using just the 4 exposed pins on each?  OR can i just use one FULL 8 pin nd not use the other connector at all?  
My PSU seems on only have 1 8pin.... but has1 4pin also.

I see there are also 2 of the molex connecotrs near the Graphics ports.  I did read that those are used for multiple GPFX cards.  Seems I ahve 2  GTX 285's I assume I do need to power those.


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what model of rampage  III is it?  there are lots of it
i would connect all 8-pins, since you have a fairly heavy loaded system
for the graphics, i believe you have PCIe power connectors (different color - green?)
You can get away with only using 2 times the 4-pin connector, but by using a 8-pin connector, the supplied power to the CPU will be beter distributed. It will work with the 4-pins, but it will be more stable (when overclocking and in the long term) when using 8-pins. And using one 8-pin and one 4pin will be in between.
Maybe you can find a 4-pin to 8-pin adapter? Shouldn't be too expensive ;)

For the PCIe-power it's the same story: the more "powerlines" you have to a component, the less each line will be stressed under load.

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pcchaosAuthor Commented:
Its an Extream. LGA 1366 Intel X58

I hooked up 1 8pin plug. It powred on and it POST.  But I changed ONE single setting in BIOS.....

AHCI enable for SSD.  NOW NO POST. .... looks like I have to RMA the baord ><
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i agree - that should not block posting; BUT try the board outside the box - on a wooden surface to be sure
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
Also, try clear the CMOS by removing the button cell and see if that helps the computer post.
pcchaosAuthor Commented:
remove button cell??
explian this in more detail please?
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
Remove the battery shown in the picture and see if you can find two pins that usually reads CLR_CMOS. Once the battery is removed you would need to short those two pins for few seconds. This will reset the BIOS to defaults. On some MOBOs there would be 3 pins, a jumper would be installed on PIN 1 and 2. You would need to remove the jumper and install it on 2 and 3 and keep it for few seconds. Then place the jumper back to 1-2.
 Rampage III CMOS ResetI googled and read your mobo has the CMOS CLR switch at the rear panel, right beside the PS2 (mouse/keyboard connector)

Also try reseat the Memory and test. Try with just 1 memory in one slot or different slots and check.

pcchaosAuthor Commented:
thanks that didnt work. I called ASUS.  They think the board is bad and want toRMA it. I called Newegg and they are shipping a replacment over night.
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
Good to know the shipping is overnight....

If you are planning to overclock, go with both 8 pins (recommended)

If you do not have any intensions to overclock, connect one 8 pin and other 4 pin.

Search for "8 pin EPS" on ebay.. you can take a call. :)

pcchaosAuthor Commented:
So im not over clocking adn I need 1 8pin AND the 4pin.

If I only use 1 8 pin can this cause the CPU to not have enough power and it not boot?  Cause this is what I see.  I have new board ant it to is saying CPU

Im about to RMA my CPU I had for 2 years....but I seen your post JUST NOW mody2579.

I hope this is the case.
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
AS your PSU have 1 - 8 pin and 1 - 4 pin.

You can remove one cover from MOBO and connect the 8 pin and also 4 pin to the other.

If you plan to connect both 8 pins, use the Y splitter above (ebay link). That has got one 8 pin at one end and 2-8 pin connectors at the other. With the splitter, you can fill both 8 pins slots on the MOBO and you will have 1 - 4 pin still left for other pheripherals.

pcchaosAuthor Commented:
Nope this did not help.

I put 1  of the 8pins and then hooked up the pin.   Nothing.

I took the system apart and hooked up my MSI Eclips board to the thing... AND it does post.

SO....  Logic says 1 of 3 things.

1.) 2 broken boards that are broke the exact same way.
2.) System doesn't like my Ultra 1600w PSU
3.) System doesnt like any fo the Corsair dominator memory.

pcchaosAuthor Commented:
any other help?  Im about to start a new thread on this to try to resolve it.
>>  and hooked up my MSI Eclips board   <<  that was originally mounted -yes?
if so, you may have mounting standoffs shorting to the ASUS board
verify if all standoffs correspond with a screw hole
pcchaosAuthor Commented:
yeah it is not an mounting stand issue.

It has to be memory and or psu not working with mobo...but it takes an act of god to get ASUS tech lvl II to talk to you on the phone.
pcchaosAuthor Commented:
gonna split the points and start a new thread as this has gotten off the original post... and nobody is helping any longer.

Thanks for your time.
pcchaosAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your help. If you feel like continuing this, please come to the new thread.
then post the link here
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