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I look after a business that is wanting to change internet service providers, is this a straight forward router configuration details change or does the server need reconfiguring too.

Here's the situation so far......

This company now has 2 broadband lines installed both a static IP's assigned and smart hosts set up to use, the provider that is currently being used is perfect but due to costs this needs to change so we have enable broadband on a second line with another provider to change over too but when i put the broadband details into the router to enable the new broadband line the router accepts these settings and says it's all connected and working but the server is saying that there is no internet connected when i go through the 'connect to the internet' option but the router is saying differently.

I'm totally lost with this, all it is, is a simple broadbad provider change but obviously with a different static IP.

Can anyone help ?????

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LlanoVConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Iscs

You will definately have to change the settings on your SBS server under the routing and remote access options

You will need to point the internet NIC to the new router IP

Hope this helps
lscsAuthor Commented:
Hi LlanoV,

How do i do this mate, sorry i'm totally lost here ha !!!
OK I assume you have full admin rights?

See for the full details on RAS

Open Windows SBS Console on your server and change the settings here

 Windows SBS Console
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

I think if you followed the following guidelines you will be back and running soon;
Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is SBS 2008 and there is only one NIC, at least there should only be. Thus there is no internet NIC to reconfigure.
You should need to:
-reconfigure the router
-The SBS should be your DHCP server and not the router. Make sure DHCP is disabled on the router
-If using forwarders, open the DNS management console locate forwarders (not forward lookup zones) and if the old ISP's DNS servers are listed change them the the current ISP
-If using a smarthost, which changes with the ISP re-run the Smarthost wizard under SBS console | network | connectivity
-If using a VPN, it would be a good idea to rerun the VPN wizard in the same location as above, though this should not be necessary on SBS 2008
-run the fix my network wizard which is also in the same location in the console
Enable uPnP on the router and then run the Internet connection wizzard.
Hopefully that will do it.

lscsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all this guys.

I will report back on monday :-)
lscsAuthor Commented:
I've done all the above, i know all this really.

When i have completed all the above and click on connect to internet it says the router isn't connected to the internet but it is.........

If i put the DNS server IP in the IP4 settings that the isp gives me then it works but if i point it back to the server IP or put in then it doesn't connect to the internet, why is this?
Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like forwarders are configured but wrong.
Open the DNS management console, double click on forwarders (not forward lookup zone), and make sure the ISP's DNS is there and correct. I would also check the box, "use root hints if fowarders are not available"
lscsAuthor Commented:
It was the Forwarders ....... Thanks
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