Can't open financial sites in IE 8 or Firefox

I can't login to financial web sites with ie 8 or firefox, but I can with Chrome.  It does work in Safe Mode w/Networking, but not in Normal Mode w/McAfee AntiVirus Plus Firewall turned off.

Any ideas?

Dell Inspiron Laptop with Win7
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philw3995Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Developer Tools would not open and sometimes compatibility mode is available and sometimes not.

Also, tried to add sites to trusted sites and had problems with that, as well.

This seems to do the trick, but I'm at risk.  Under the Security Tab, I unchecked "Enable Protected Mode" and everything works.

Any suggestions?
Follow the below steps to reset the IE settings...
vsudipConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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philw3995Author Commented:
The Firefox reset worked, but not the ie reset...and I've already tried that with ie a couple times, but forgot to mention it.

Again, this only happens in ie8 with https sites.

Any more ideas?
okay..... can you give exact error u r getting... ?
philw3995Author Commented:
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

What you can try:

Diagnose Connection Problems
philw3995Author Commented:
Also...this seems to only happen when I have Google as my homepage or if the homepage is blank and I go to first before going to a financial login page.

Speaking of login...I can't login to experts-exchange either with ie....the login button doesn't do anything.  I'm starting ie with a blank page and then clicking my Eexhange shortcut and login does nothing.

I'm using Chrome to type this.
tskelly082598Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It is possible that Compatability Mode might work.

Here is a link to show how to try it:
Have you tried adding the financial website to your trusted sites?  And I have had a lot of issues with ie and trying to click links on pages that will either load another page or a new tab.  They just don't work, and it happens to a lot of people.  Sometimes I have to right click the button or link, copy the shortcut or link, and then paste it into a different window or tab to make it load it.
sofoustConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Protected mode is a form of UAC.  It blocks websites from accessing programs, processes, and the registry on your computer.  It is not necessary, but just a new form of security that is trying to protect your computer from attacks.  Chrome has started adopting it too, but it doesn't restrict the access that is needed for most pages.
philw3995Author Commented:
So, this is what works for me.  Internet Options>Security Tab>uncheck Enable Protected Mode.

Thanks everyone for your help!!!
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