How do I resolve a error 8007000E during a ConfigMgr task sequence

I'm getting an error in my SMSTS.log when trying to image a new HP 2560 EliteBook with the Intel Graphics card.  Everything works in this image except the Intel Graphics installation.   I've created silent packages of the drivers from both HP's website and from Intel but whenever they are kicked off in the task sequence, I get the following error.

Has anyone else had this issue during a task sequence?  We have been using OSD for deployments for several months and haven't run into this issue before.

Attached is the full SMSTS log.

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KalamazooITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out it does still install even though it throws that error.  I enabled the "Continue on error" checkbox in the task sequence and it works fine.  Seems to be an issue with the Intel HD Graphics package.  Saw a post in another forum with the same issue.  Thanks for the assistance.
Are there multiple Installation at the same time?
KalamazooITAuthor Commented:
No, it's starting the installation after the other installations are complete.
KalamazooITAuthor Commented:
I figured out the issue during my troubleshooting, didn't get many responses from others.
KalamazooITAuthor Commented:
This is fine to close.  Thanks
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