VBA code ot pull tasks into MS Project

I need to pull data from a sql view into task of a MS Project 2007 andd/or 2010. The data changes in sql through data collection and we need this to update our schedule in ms project. We do not want to invest in MS Project Server. I am fine with running the code once we have opened the project.  I have all the columns in the view in the same order as we have the task set up in project.
When I found out I could not save the ODBC connection in a user friendly way i exported the data from sql to excel and then linked it to the project but this is still not user friendly.

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Richard DanekeConnect With a Mentor TrainerCommented:
Project is an Access database.   Maybe an Access routine that connects to your SQL and Project will serve you.   The Project connection should be available when you include the Project libraries in the VBA.
You can check here for alternaties:
(1) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms436148(v=office.12).aspx
also you may want to download the Project ODBS from here
Any luck with those?
jclippertAuthor Commented:
We went another direction that eliminated the problem for now.
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