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Good day,

I have a whole bunch of new Western Digital SATA drives (WD2500JS, WD2500AAJS, WD6400AAKS) and I was wondering if there are any enclosures on the market that I can use these drives in in a RAID configuration. Anybody has experience with a configuration like this?

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kevinhsiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Drobo units ( are very highly rated and can use consumer level drives just fine. Check out the reviews and awards. It looks like really neat technology. I don't have any units, because my storage is a bit more expensive, though I have considered it if I need a bunch of storage for a backup server.
These drives are not suitable for RAID enclosures.  There is a significant chance that they will be kicked out as "failed" because they do not include the mechanism that the RAID controller needs which is a quick and timely response.
This deals with the responsiveness of the HardDrive in the event of error correction.

Usually only one drive will be kicked out, so reinserting the failed drive should restore the RAID at the conclusion of the rebuilding process.

There are several 2/4/8 bay RAID enclosures.
Do you want them to be direct attached eSATA, USB, Firewire or NAS (network accessed)?
If you're interested in setting up RAID arrays, you have to use similar sized and similar performing drives.  What you've got are different capacities and different models - fine for JBOD, but not for RAID 0, 1, 10, or 5.

Why not just get a docking station and plug them in and unplug them as needed?
Again, depending on what you have, if you want to use them for storage, a NAS is a good option.
You can pick up a bare older HP  ML110 or 115 or similar for very little money and use a free (one of many) NAS software, Freenas which I like, gives you the RAID options as well as ZFS.
Make for great shared storage.
GSLBermudaAuthor Commented:

I am aware of the similar drives requirement for an array. That's not the issue.

I'm looking for something that I can access as a NAS, iSCSI, from multiple servers. Not directly attached. Drobo seems like a good option. If anybody has other options, please let me know. I will wait till the end of the week and then distirbute point betwen suggestions given.
If you have an older spare workstation, you could build your own using or
openfiler I've used and think is preferable.  
>>>> I can access as a NAS, iSCSI, from multiple servers. Not directly attached.
Did you dismiss Freenas as I suggested or you just looking for pre-built?

Drobo is proprietary, you need to buy their hardware and system and not all vrs of Drobo
are iSCSI capable.
GSLBermudaAuthor Commented:
We actually partnered up with Drobo and will get a NFR unit soon. Thanks for the tip Kevinhsieh
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