How to speed up Citrix XenApp 5

We are running Citrix XenApp 5 on a VMware ESX VM.  When we first started the project the Citrix server was blazing fast and now it seems to be crawling.

I am not a Citrix expert by any means and do not know the normal administrative tasks that need to be performed to keep the XenApp server happy.

We have 25 users that run several published applications.

Help with the tools would be appreciated.

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Jsierra1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The first question you need to ask yourself is what has changed in your environment. Since you are running this server on VMWware ESX has there been additional VM added to the environment? What type of disk subsystem are you running on. (Ie. Single SATA disk, RAID-10, etc...) Have you looked at the performance monitor in VMWare console? Try to identify if anything is bottle-necking.
You can use this:
But at first you should analyze your case.
Task manager is enough for most cases. May be you need more memory or CPU resouces.
Scheduled reboots tend to help - I'd recommend at least weekly (if not daily if you have an easy nightly maintenance window).

You might want to take a look at what group policies are being applied to user connections and strip them down to the minimum - user policies need to be applied every time an app is launched and can significantly add to application launch times.

Most of the times I've seen performance issues in XenApp farms it was related to print drivers - if you have your Citrix policies configured to automatically install drivers they can start to cause all sorts of issues. You should really be using the Citrix universal driver wherever possible. Add the Print Management Console feature (Add Features --> Remote Server Administration Tools --> Role Administration Tools --> Print and Document Services Tools) which you can use to look at the number of drivers you have installed and remove any that can be replaced with the UPD.
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Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Check the applicaiton properties in console that you published application with or without waiting for printer. Also check GP sometiem logon also takes time. Try clearing the user cache using GP or citrix profile management.
basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Check your VM server to see if you have enough resources like memory, CPU's etc. This itself will fix 50% of the performance problems.

2. Coming to Citrix, see how long it takes if you launch an application from Citrix and if you do it locally. I mean logging into the server(RDP) and click the application exe.

3. If you find it too slow only with Citrix then you have to check profiles, gpo logon scripts, printers configuration and application properties.

4. Profiles-- If you have roaming profiles, and location of the profile server in a different location than where the server is placed then you have slow logons. Also limit Roaming profile size for users. For an example, if user is accessing LA server and profile in OKC with a profile size of 1GB, then obviously it will take time to copy during logon.

5. If profiles look good then see how printer are configured in citrix. You can open xenapp advanced configuration in xenapp 5. Go to policies and let us know how printer policies are set so we can advise. To improve performance, you can use Citrix UPD drivers and autocreate  only users default printers if user has more than 5 printers attached.

6. Also as pointed out by sekarc4u, check application properties for a published application. You have option like do  not wait for printers to autocreate.

Apply latest  patch/hotfix both for servers and Citrix which improves performance.

If you are using Xenapp 5 platinum edition, then you can use Edgesight product comes with Citrix setup software which helps to find the performance issue.
lrmcenterAuthor Commented:
Found some issues with host resources being depleted too quickly.  I set up resource pools to reserve memory and cpu time for the Citrix server and this helped.  Not back to normal yet but tolerable.

Thanks to all!
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