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When you view a document normally in Word, the colours of the logos and text in the Header are muted / greyed out. As the document is intended to be mainly used on the computer, not printed, we'd prefer the headers to be full colour. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance
(My boss is getting frustrated with it!)
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Patrick MatthewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you intend to simply read the documents on the computer, why not create PDF files for reading?

PDF995 is a free PDF converter; there are many other free-to-cheap alternatives.
Brian GeeCommented:
Else, place the content on the page and not the header/footer areas. Not ideal from many fronts (accidental edits, image/text placement, etc.) but that will surely keep from the non-faded appearance on screen.
PandaPantsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As yobri has suggested, you can place the content on the page. In my shop we've mitigated the issues that yobri mentions by using anchored text boxes and picture boxes. Tip: Set the Absolute Position of the text boxes relative to the page or a fixed margin, both vertically and horizontally, to keep them from drifting.

Our shop also uses PDF995, so a shout-out to matthewspatrick's suggestion, too. I'm just applauding the experts who got here before me. ;~)
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Patrick MatthewsCommented:

I really like PDF995, enough so that I went ahead and purchased the whole suite (for a bargain price--I use PDFEdit at least once a week).


Eric FletcherCommented:
View the Word document in Print Preview to see the headers in their full colour.

The awkward way to get to Print Preview is via Print in the File menu. However, if you customize the Quick Access Toolbar to add the "Print Preview Fullscreen" command, you can access the function at any time -- and see the pages in a full screen view. Press Esc to cancel.
p-platerAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I didn't check this question for ages, I've been madly busy and forgot about it. The anchored text boxes sound like the ticket - how do I do it?
p-platerAuthor Commented:
I've sort of solved the greyed-out problem by deciding to turn the doc into a pdf for final use. If you go SAVE AS PDF instead of PRINT to CutePDF writer, it's not just a print, it saves the hyperlinks and the document structure - beauty.

So now the grey out is not a problem, but I want a hyperlink in the footer to go back to the main index page. For some reason I can't get a hyperlink to still work once I've put it in the footer, either as text or in a textbox. So now I've just got a textbox that I paste onto the bottom of every page, except that they still jump around when I insert text. Is there a way to make a hyperlink work in a Word footer, or a way to anchor the textbox?
(hence my question a couple of minutes ago.)
Eric FletcherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A hyperlink won't work from within a header/footer. Page header/footers are dynamic, and generated as part of the pagination so are not available for many field code actions.

Position control for an object (text box, graphic, table, etc.) can be managed from the Layout tab of its Format box. Choose a wrapping style (for your needs, "In Front of text" would probably be best), then click the Advanced button to get at the Position dialog. You can specify a Horizontal and Vertical position in several different ways, but be sure the turn off the "Move object with text" option at the bottom. This will prevent the object from being moved if the text anchor point changes due to an edit or reformat. However, if your document changes such that the anchor point shifts to a new page, the object will no longer stay on the original page.

Note that "Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink" is a normally-on Option, so your textbox hyperlinks may act differently if a user has turned that option off (i.e. with it off, a click will bring them back to your index; otherwise they need to press Ctrl while clicking).
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