CISCO 6500/ 4500 MAX VRF

I was curious what the max number of VRF's that are supported by the Cisco 6500 and the Cisco 4500.

Also, which chassis offers the most capability in respect to 10 gig optical uplinks.  
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SouljaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a link for the 6500. It depends on the supervisor you use, regardless the limit is 1024 vrf's, but some supervisors can hold more routes per vrf.

I believe the 4500 only support 64 vrfs, but not entirely sure. As for capability. The 6500 platform surely outperforms in regards to 10g uplinks.



sectelAuthor Commented:
Yes, it hard to find the VRF capability of the 4500...will the 6500 work on 110 volts or does it require 240 VAC.

Also, what is the smallest chassis you can purchase in the 6500 line.

Smallest chassis is the 6504, which is 4 slots including the Supervisor. Any 6500 will work on 120-240V, but the power supplies will only produce half the wattage at 120V (i.e. the 2700W power supply that you buy for a 6504 will only run 1350W at 120V).

This shouldn't be a big issue with the 6504 unless you are loading it up, but if you plan to run a lot of 10G links then you should probably go for 240V.

When you order it you have to spec the correct power cord for the voltage you plan to use but you can just get a new cord if you plan to switch voltage later.
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