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Remote access freeware with multiple sharing interface & encryption w thin client

I'm currently using TightVNC.

When I click/type something while I'm connected to the remote server via TightVnc
& someone else is also using the remote server's keyboard/mouse, it will interfere
with each other, so it's kind of either the person at the remote end can use or me
can use only; not both of us can use concurrently : this is very much like the old
PCAnywhere version that I've seen 6-7 years ago.

 Using Windows Remote Desktop we don't have this issue : in fact someone at the
remote end's console & several people can remotely access the server at the
same time without interfering with each other

Ans (given in EE thread id 36497623 ) :
Not in VNC as its only one service interface, cant be shared like rdp or terminal services

I'll need a freeware or a low-cost remote access software like Remote Desktop (but not
Remote Desktop mstsc as this doesn't work well over Wifi in Win XP; only in Win 7
/Vista this is resolved).  Kindly provide me a name / link of such a software to download

Ideally the suggested software perform sort of thin client refresh so that only the changed
bit will  be transmitted to reduce the bandwidth utilized as well as perform data encryption

Pls don't recommend me to use Teamviewer / Logmein as these require email
invitations & use some sort of proxy  which I have problem configuring for my
5 Solutions
barrykflCommented: all u need , free of charge if few connection.
You can configure the tightvnc server so that when you are connected remotely the local user can't do input anything (you can also have the local display blanked during a session). Just look at the "Server" tab, and then the "Input Handling" options.

I haven't had any problem using wireless devices when connecting with RDP, I'm not sure what problems you have there. Normally I would use RDP as it doesn't require 3rd party software and for once works well, despite it being an m$ product!
You could try
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Rindi, u can check out 27256103
"(but not Remote Desktop mstsc as this doesn't work well over Wifi in Win XP)"

Why doesnt it work for you? I have never seen a problem with it... In the Experience Tab it does help to uncheck the options, to increase the performance.....

sunhuxAuthor Commented:

John, you may check out the EE thread id 27256103 : another EE expert encountered
that very same problem as I do : Remote desktop mstsc over Wifi on Win XP just kept
dropping.  I heard MS fixed this in Win 7/ Vista, so which Windows platform r u referring to?

I use it daily for hours on end. If your 3g works, but Wifi doesnt, I would start looking at your Advanced Settings in the WIFI NIC's properties in the Device Manager. Maybe you have an issue there.....

I am not aware of any "fix" for RDP over WIFI, as as far as I have ever seen, it has never been broken. Definately not a speed issue if 3g works, as thats slower than WIFI....
sunhuxAuthor Commented:

> I use it daily for hours on end. If your 3g works, but Wifi doesnt, I would start
> looking at your Advanced Settings in the WIFI NIC's properties in the Device Manager
 But what do I need to check for?

In EE thread id 27256103 , another expert encountered that too & I've attached
the Event Viewer logs there.  I encountered it on 2 different laptops.  In all cases,
Windows firewall were disabled.

Don't have this issue with TightVNC connecting over wireless for the same
laptops.  After the 1st connection via Remote Desktop (which usually won't
last longer than 1 minute), I can even ping to the remote laptop anymore.

Those 2 remote laptops got their IP address via DHCP

There's several reports of this phenomenon, refer to links below:
I understand what you are saying.... I use it on Blackberries/IPhones/IPads/Laptops and have just never experienced an issue....

Without ever seeing it in the past 8 years or so, I cant really make a suggested....

Perhaps something on the Network Side? Im gonna flag this thread and review those log files.....
Looked at those links, and they arent really substantiated with alot of hard troubleshooting....

Second one even suggests that the wifi router is to blame, which I could easily see......

"I've attached the Event Viewer logs there."

I didnt see any attachments... Just the one cryptsvc error, which is totally unrelated....
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
ok thanks
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