Fixing Blackberry connected to high voltage charger and blew

My blackberry 8520 was connected to high voltage charger and it blew, when i take it to the supplier
they said that is out of warranty

How best can i fix? where can i get parts online

Any ideas on parts that must be replaced
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dmeerenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can only know that when you open up the blackberry and inspect the motherboard, i suspect that the most of the motherboard is broken.
Since the charger bit is on the motherboard, i think the whole motherboard needs to be replaced. Not a cheap thing
tapiwabAuthor Commented:
do you have a rough idea of the motherboard prices, is it worthy trying to repair it

Mike SullivanConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
Hi tapiwab,

Generally, if the mainboard is blown then the phone is a write-off. It would be cheaper to replace the handset than to repair it. I've seen them on eBay in a USED condition, but not new.

Hope this helps,

Agreed with mike, motherboards of blackberry is just to expensive
tapiwabAuthor Commented:
i must still open the phone and fing out which parts are broken
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