need breakdown by number of games bought

I have a spreadsheet with three columns (see attached sample - note, all names have been changed).  I need an excel chart that would show many users bought 1 game, how many users bought 2 games, how many users bought 3 games, and so on.

How would I do that?   purchases.xlsx
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Glenn RayConnect With a Mentor Excel VBA DeveloperCommented:
Hi aturetsky,

A combination of a pivot table and then a COUNTIF function on the pivot table results should produce the chart you are wanting.  I have attached a workbook that does this.

Your original data is on the first sheet ("Data"); a pivot that sums the number of games per person is on the second sheet ("Pivot") and the table and chart of the number of members per games purchased is on the third sheet ("Summary").
Since there is a large quantity of single-game purchasers, the graph doesn't show the 4- or 5-game quanity well.  You could change the y-axis to a logarithm scale to show them better.


I would use a pivot table and pivot chart for this.  It will count the number of games for you.  I've attached an example.
aturetskyAuthor Commented:
Yes, but how do I get the breakdown I requested, not merely the number of games per user.
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aturetskyAuthor Commented:
Excellent, Glenn - thanks so much.  I am about to post another, related question.  I will post a link to that question here shortly.
Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
Glad I could help...I will keep an eye out for your follow-up question.
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