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One of the WSUS installations I manage started having a strange issue this week.  We have some new PCs that were added to the domain.  They follow our naming convention that we have in place.  We used to use HP machines and now switched to Lenovo.  So as we were naming them for example "com1251hp" we now are naming them "com1251len".  

The issue I'm having is that 14 of these new machines were added to the network within the past week.  And none of them are showing up in WSUS, either in Unassigned Computes or elsewhere.  The PCs are in the same hardware OU as the old HP machines.

And now it gets even stranger.  I'm seeing "one" of them in Unassigned Computers.  I say "one" because its entry changes!  I can see the com1251len entry, wait a few minutes, hit refresh, and now it's another one of the missing PCs, com1252len, and then com1253len, but only one at a time is  showing up.  It's almost like the entry is overlaying itself?

Any clue as to what might be going on?  I've never seen anything like this...
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Were all those new machines deployed from the same Windows image?  If so, you may need to change the SID.  Did you use Sysprep?
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gunscheeAuthor Commented:
I don't know how the image was built, but querying them with PSGetSID is revealing that they have the same  SID.
That is most likely your problem.  See if this helps
gunscheeAuthor Commented:
Great stuff.  Thanks!
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