Restrict users network access Windows 2008 VPN server, NPS

I've setup Windows 2008 R2 vpn server and can connect successfully some defaults settings. I would like to restrict certain users to only be able to access certain servers by way of NPS. I followed the guide below and it works, except for when connecting from client, the client is unable to browse the internet on their local pc. What else do I have to specify?
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d_nedelchevConnect With a Mentor Commented:

In the VPN connection properties, "Networking" tab, double-click "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)", click "Advanced" button and see if "Use default gateway on remote network" has being selected (by default it's selected).
If so, remove the marker in the checkbox and the client should be able to browse the internet while connected to the VPN.
This is client-side configuration.
davidg004Author Commented:
that worked thx
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