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File Copy to Remote Desktop

Good Afternoon,
I have the need to copy files fro a local machine to a remote main at the owners home. What suggestions would you have for accomplishing this task? The users are not very computer literate and the process will need to be reasonably automated.

Thanks in advance
2 Solutions
drop box www.dropbox.com 

You just save files in the drop box and they will appear on any pc that you have your drop box account on.
Also free - Google Docs
Just setup a google/gmail account then sign in and upload documents at docs.google.com
With Teamviewer file transfer...
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Big fan of dropbox as Kurt4949 mentioned.  I've installed it without a hitch on multiple platforms/devices... it just works.
nriaconeAuthor Commented:
In my initial question, I must not have provided enough detail as to the environment that this will be used in. The situation is as follows:
Backups are performed from a server and placed on a secondary machine within the network environment. I would like to automate the process of copying these files to a remote machine at the owners home as an offsite disaster protection step. I am aware of Carbonite and similar services. What would be involved in running a batch/script file to automatically copy the files via FTP? Would any specific hardware be required at the source and destination locations?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry for any confusion,
At the remote site, you would just need a computer with enough storage to support your backups.  On that system, you could run an ftp server.  I prefer http://www.southrivertech.com/products/titanftp/index.html

Or you could just get a NAS box that has built in ftp server.

Make sure you use SFTP or FTPS so that the connection is secure and encrypt your backup files.

I would then either find backup software that can backup directly to FTP such as Genie http://www.genie9.com/business/genie_backup_manager_Pro/Feature.aspx or find ftp software that you can use to schedule an upload.  It looks like Coreftp might work http://www.coreftp.com/docs/web1/Schedule_FTP_transfers.htm
It looks like this software might do what you need http://www.scriptftp.com/  Ideally you'll want to trigger the FTP upload to run after your backup is complete.  Does your backup software have the option to run an external batch or exe file after the job?
You could use Robo-FTP to create a Windows Service that watches a folder on your computer for the appearance of the backup file.  As soon as the file appears it is sent to the offsite location and then the local copy is archived or deleted.  This way you don't need to schedule the FTP transfer, it just automatically happens whenever a file appears in the watched folder.  A cool side effect is that the owner could use the folder to instantly send a copy of any file to their home.  Here is a sample script for doing this with Robo-FTP: http://kb.robo-ftp.com/script_library/show/37
nriaconeAuthor Commented:
Alex & Kurt,

Thank you for your feedback, both of you methods appear to be feasible. However, it brings up another question. How do I handle the situation at the destination where they do not have a static IP from their service provider?

1. get a domain name
2. sign up for dnsmadeeasy.com
3. install a client at the destination such as dynsite
4. dynsite will monitor the ip address.  If it changes, it will update the IP at dnsmadeeasy

Alternately, some routers\firewalls have built in dynamic dns feature which will eliminate the need for a dns client software.  The router itself will send the new IP address to the dns provider.  usually routers only include support for dyn.com so you would have to use that service instead of dnsmadeeasy.  I've used both.  I believe some consumer dsl\cable firewalls do have this feature.  If not I use the watchguard xtm 22-w and it works great.
nriaconeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the assistance, the customer has put this project on hold for now.

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