How To validate Our Form using jquery for textbox alphabets only

I want To validate my form using jquery .Any body there plz help  me out with code
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savsoftAuthor Commented:
I want the solution for jquery which can validate the whole form all along
Gurvinder Pal SinghConnect With a Mentor Commented:
so, you can set that validation for all the form elements


this will make sure that all textboxes in the form cannot have anything else than alphabets
Ray PaseurCommented:
Whatever you might do with jQuery or other client-side validation, you must also do on the server side after the form data has been submitted.  You can use a regular expression something like this to detect unacceptable characters.  You can use preg_replace to change these characters into blanks, NULLs, question marks, etc.

$regex = '/[^A-Z ]/i';
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