Images changing size after saved in an Outlook .OFT file

I'm  creating Outook OFTs in the following way:

1) Create email in HTML (simple coding, no CSS, all inline styles)
2) Inserting the HTML as text as an outlook message
3) Saving as .OFT file

Here' the thing - when i open up the OFT file all of the images are 25% larger (e.g., 800px wide becomes 1000px wide). This is throwing things off. Any idea what Outlook setting might be doing this?

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gac2010Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
So i found the problem!!!

My default screen size was set to 125%. After i reset to 100% the issues went away. :)

My solution:
Go to Control Panel
Select Display
Set to 100% (smaller)

Once the HTML image has been insterted into the Email or OFT to be.
Right click on it and check the Size and Position
May be that is not set to be realative to original picture size.

Otherwise you will need to check your HTML Coding as there are likely settings in it that adjust the image according to Window Size, Screen Size, or resolution.
gac2010Author Commented:

Thanks apache09.

Rght-clicking is how i learned that my images were expanding in size. i can reset them one by one but then the structure is totally off in the OFT.  Where would i make sure it stays the right size.

In DreamWeaver, i set my height and width for images. Any idea where I would make sure it stays that way?
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Are you using Dreamweaver to Create the OFTs?

Dreamweaver is not entirely supported for creating Outlook OFTs.
In fact I dont think its supported at all.

In Office 2010, to create or customize an OFT you need to use the inbuilt developers tools, found under the developer Tab

If you dont have the developer Tab
Go to File>Options>Customize Ribbon
You should be able to add the developer Tab From Here

ONce thats done, open a new email.
Click on the Developer Tab
Choose Customize this Form
Once you have it the way you want it, you can then save it as an OFT

Doing it this way, will ensure the Template you have created is Office Outlook Compatible
And it will save just as you have created it.

You might then be able to re-open the OFT in Dreamweaver and customize it some more
But Cant gurantee this is going to work once saved using Dreamweaver as an oft

gac2010Author Commented:

Thanks again. This doesn't really seem to be it.

I've always coded in DW and then inserted the HTML as text and have done this for years. Now it's just that the images are expanding. I'm also having issues viewing HTML as the images are resizing themselves as 20% larger.

Maybe i should just uninstall/reinstall?


I would tend to think that the issue is realted to DreamWeaver
Not Outlook/Outlook Forms

You can test this by creating an OTF as above in Outlook and Inserting your images. After saving them, check to see if they "grow"

If they dont edit them form in DreamWeaver
Remove/Re-Insert the images
Save as OTF
See if they Grow

Eigther way, you should be able to find out wich one has the issue.
My money is on DreamWeaver
gac2010Author Commented:

thanks. the developer tab seemed to be more for creating forms. I can say that all images seem to either grow or shrink regardless of whether they've seen DW or not. For example, I just got an email from Apple.

I clicked forward and saved as an OFT.
Upon opening the OFT my images grew to 126%.

In fact, if i just insert an image (no html whatsoever) and then save as an OFT the image grows when i open the OFT.

I think it's more Outlook/image related. THOUGHTS?

Try Creating a Word Document
Insert and Image
Save it
Re-open it, does the image remain the same size?
gac2010Author Commented:
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So my Comment originally posted in, ID:36557247 was correct

"Otherwise you will need to check your HTML Coding as there are likely settings in it that adjust the image according to Window Size, Screen Size, or resolution."
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