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Basketball with dimples and everything

Posted on 2011-09-17
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Last Modified: 2016-06-16
I am making a basketball for a class project but I don't know how to make a sphere in Adobe Illustrator CS5. I saw someone else on this site who made a good texture but I couldn't really follow the thread and it didn't explain how to do it step by step. I would like to know if I could get help in making the basketball sphere with a good texture.
Question by:bigjohn0513
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OK, this is for a simple ball, I do this in metric,because my system is set to that. I also got CS4, I hope that the menu structure is the same...

Use a  Letter size artboard
Create a circle of 150mm diamater
Fill it with 50 Magenta, 100 Yellow
Draw 2 vertical parallel lines 160mm length with black outline, thickness 5pt
Arrange one 30mm to the left of the circle centre, the other one 30mm to the right
Select both and group the 2 lines
Use the Object> Envelope Distort> Make with Warp
Use Squeeze with Bend 98%
With lines still selected go to Object> Expand
Now draw another vertical line160mm length with black outline, thickness 5pt
Place this through the centre of the circle
Draw another this time horizontal line160mm length with black outline, thickness 5pt
Place this also through the centre of the circle
Send the horizontal line and the circle to the back
Select all the black lines and group them.
Use the Object> Path > Outline stroke to convert the lines to fill objects
Apply a outline of 1point to all the lines in the same colour as the circle

You now have an orange ball with the basic black 'stitching'

Draw a circle with 1mm diameter
Fill it with 50 Magenta, 100 Yellow and 10 Black
Use Object> Transform > Move and set horizontal 2mm, vertical 0mm
Press Copy, not 'OK
Now use CTRL+D to repeat the copy, do this 80 times to have a line of dots
Group the dot line
Now use Object> Transform > Move and set horizontal 0mm, vertical -2mm#
Press Copy, not 'OK, this copies the line down
Again use CTRL+D to repeat the copy, do this 80 times to have a grid of dots
Group the grid
With the Grid selected use  the Object> Envelope Distort> Make with Warp
Use Inflate with Bend 98%
Shrink the distorted grid so that the circle is just overlapped by it
With grid still selected go to Object> Expand
Send the group of black lines to the front
Copy the first 150mm circle, fill it blue and move it to one side
The orange circle, the grid, and the group of lines should be centred to each other, if so group them
Send the blue circle to the front
Now align the blue circle with the group so it is centred on top of the group
Select All (CTRL+A) and make a clipping mask (CTRL+7)

You should now have a Basketball with dots/dimples.

You may want to play around with radial gradient fill rather than solid orange to make it more 3D but this is the basic ball drawing idea. it should look roughly like the image below:


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Nice work, but looks flat. I recommend one final step - adding some shading to it. Put the shading between the black lines and the texture of the ball.
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The Auto deleter bot needs an Upgrade....

There is a perfectly good answer up there. Even demonstrated by the end result.

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