XenApp 6 Published Application and Acces to mapped drive

I'm in the processing to setting up my new XEnApp 6 farm and need you to access access to their network drives which are mapeed via a log in script. Right now when a test users access Word they see their newtork drives but they are a redirect from their workstation for exmaple: N:\ from (workstationabs). This works fine in the office but not when users access XenApp from outside of the network. Now can I get my user login script to mapped the correct drive while accessing published apps.

Also I'm using the online plug-in how can I speed up the user login and authentication process. The plug-in seems to take 60 second to login anad refresh the list of apps whic hare not alot. How can I speed up this process
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You can prohibit auto-mount local drives (or just local mapped network drives) via a policy. This policy can be filtered to affect only remote users, but since fileservers usually are next to xenapps this won't make sense.

Does your web interface direct to your xenapp data collector? How did you realise your data store?
compdigit44Author Commented:
I did setup a policy to block the mapping of local drives. Right now my farm is still being setup so all of my xenapp servers are listed as most preferred for the DC. How can I have my user network drive show up when they access published applications. Righ tnow the network drive should up but show as a redirect connection for the source workstation. Same idea as a redirected printer in a RDP session
You should only have one server as most preferred and another as preferred. All other servers should be default preferance, since only one server can be DC at a time. It is good to know which.

Related to file redirection there are multiple policy settings, see http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xenapp6-w2k8-admin/ps-console-policies-rules-client-drives-v3.html
You should at least deactivate "Client network drives" and "Auto connect client drives"
If you don't need client-to-server content redirection and \\client\drive$, you can also deactivate client drive redirection.

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compdigit44Author Commented:
I guess my questions is: is it possible to have my users login script run when they access a published application without have their network drive mapped throught their connect workstation?
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