Cisco 2911 router and intrusion prevention

I have cisco 2911 ver 15.0(1)M3, IOS based router.  How do I know that I have Cisco intrusion prevention already installed on this particular IOS?  If its already there how to configure it stepwise.
My purpose is to start scanning the traffic coming on my terminal server and blocking all
unauthorized attempts and locking the external unauthorized IPs/disconnecting them right away, for 30 mintues.

Note:  If its not possible via this router, please suggest any firewall in cisco (not expensive on)
so that I can accomplish this task.
Help plz.
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAsked:
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Marius GunnerudConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EngineerCommented:
if you enter ip ips ? do you get any options? if you do then an IPS module is installed on your router. If not then you need to go and buy a module to install in your router.

for configuration you can refer to this link:
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks:  so its like a big NIC (called module) which sits inside the router.  Could you tell me once I seat this NIC(module) inside the router, my cable coming from the ISP would go into this new module?
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
I am a little uncertain about this for the IPS NME module. Normally the IPS would sit, for example, between the router and the switch.

I would not think that the cable from the ISP would connect to the IPS module. The documentation says it is used for Out Of Band management which would imply that the normal interfaces would still be used for monitoring and the IPS interface would be used for management. Again I am a little uncertain as I have never had to setup the IP NME module before.

I have unfortunately not found anything useful about whether my assumption is correct or not about the module, but just to repeat myself, in a normal IPS setup the IPS would be located on the inside network. Or atleast when configured it is only monitoring the inside interface of the router and not the outside interface, because if you were monitoring the outside interface warnings would be flashing up left and right due to the regular random port scans, ping sweeps...etc.
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amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
MAG03: Attached is my shrun, I have 3 interfaces at the moment within my router 2911 which I am using, please let me know the name of the interface I will be monitoring?
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAuthor Commented:
Is't that too expensive?
I would love to find out if the gig connection is used as the incoming from ISP.
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
I would monitor both campus LANs.

IPS modules are quite expensive and price can vary depending on features. I guess the price can range any where from around $2700 to around $4000 for an NME card (this is just an estimation from what I have seen, there might be more expensive cards out there and there might be cheaper ones. But the cheapest I have seen so far is around $2700).

So $3600 might be a little more that what you require but i would suggest finding one that is priced around $2700 - 3000 and compare the features and make the decision from there.
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