How do I make multiple insert for openrowset bulk?

Attach is my attempt on doing it but I get an error saying

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 8
Incorrect syntax near '+'.

INSERT INTO [DB_X].[dbo].[SubFileContent] ([SubmissionID],[SubFileCatID],[SubFileTypeID],[FileName],[FileTitle],[SubFileContentBinary],[DateAdded],[SubFileID])
SELECT [SubmissionID]
, * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK N'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Temp\combined\'+[FileName], SINGLE_BLOB) AS BLOB
FROM [DB_X].[dbo].[SubFile]

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On this link ,, you can see the specifications of OPENROWSET
You have at least 2 problems
- name must be string constant
- openrowset can only handle up to 8000 chars without using a xml definition file, your 'blob' seems to mention it will be more than that.

Sollution can be found in dynamic sql, look at for an example that can work for you.
For the record, also the '* from openrowset....' is never correct because using it in the selectlist you need also the keyword SELECT and only 1 column specified.

select col1
,select dat1 from t2 where ....
from t1

And always evaluate off it is not a bad (slow) way off writing something that's supposed to be in a JOIN.
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Please create inline/dynamic query.

Assign to variable and execute that variable.
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Drop table test
Create table test
(ID int identity(1,1),
[File] varbinary(max),

Drop table test2
Create table test2
(ID int,
[FName] nvarchar(50),
Insert  into test2 values (1,'1.jpg')
Insert  into test2 values (2,'2.jpg')

Drop Procedure [test_BLOB]
Create Procedure [test_BLOB]
Declare @Filename nvarchar(50)
Declare @Str as nvarchar(max)
Set @Str=''
Truncate table test 

DECLARE testCursor CURSOR for

SELECT [FName] FROM test2

OPEN testCursor

 INTO @Filename
 While @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
 		 Set @Str ='INSERT INTO test([File])
		 SELECT  * FROM OPENROWSET( BULK ''D:\img\'+ @Filename + ''',SINGLE_BLOB)
		 AS test2'
         Print @Str
         Exec (@Str)
  FETCH NEXT FROM testCursor
   INTO @Filename
   CLOSE testCursor     
   DEALLOCATE testCursor 
Select * from test

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karlomedallo23Author Commented:
Thank you!
so same sollution accepted as I linked to in the first comment after pointing out problems with the given problem
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