Windows 7 has wingdings as default font

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Hi guys...
I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, and it has wingdings as default font...I have gone in and changed what I can under the plain desktop settings and this has corrected some of the problem, but still in a lot of programs etc wingdings is everywhere?
I have tried System restore, no good, tried a XP font hack, no good?
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Have you tried deleting the wingdings font?
Go to C:\Windows\Fonts
Cut all the wingdings fonts (wingdings regular, wingdings 2 regular, wingdins 3 regular and possibly also webdings regular).
Paste them into a new folder (eg c:\FontBackup).
Restart the PC.

Without the fonts, Windows should assign the default one.


Hi there
no wingdings in the fonts folder?
Jason ZondagSenior Managed Services Specialist

It sounds as though your default font settings are corrupted. I would attempt a repair install. You don't have a font manager installed do you?
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I am running windows 7 ? A repair install would wipe programs wouldn't it?
I have run chkdsk...sfc...registry fix's etc...spyware and virus scans?
I have also run various reg files with default fonts, but nothing has worked...
I suspect it is something to do with an update, but system restore has no effort...

Running a repair install on windows keeps your applications and data safe, it simply repairs the windows files.
You may have to re-install some applications, though that is rare.

You can manually remove Windows updates.
Go to Add/remove programs (Start > Run > appwiz.cpl)
Click the View installed updates link.
Click on the Installed On column header to sort via the date.
You can select the update and uninstall (button above the name column) all updates from around the time the issue started.
Jason ZondagSenior Managed Services Specialist

I think if you've been doing system restores and it's had no effect then your font files have been overwritten by wingding fonts.  I suggest actually checking them by opening the common system fonts.  That's a very unusual problem.  If it turns out the font files have been overwritten you can restore the fonts by copying/extracting from your Windows 7 install media.

What happens if you change themes?  Do the fonts persist as wingdings?  What are your language settings and do you have any language packs installed?
Top Expert 2013

you can also test if it happens as well in another user account - best create a new one


Hi guys,
thanks for the ideas, but, finding the update would be needle in the haystack stuff as no idea which or when...I am running as full admin different user is the same result, and changing themes has no affect?
A repair install on 7 always only keeps files and data doesn't it? Programs will be backs up the data in windows.old. This is not an option.
Language settings are sweet...Australian, no packs installed...I have changed to basic theme, and changed the settings so I can read most stuff now. But programs and a lot of other stuff is still all wingdings???
Can't wait to find out the error, and stick it to MS
Top Expert 2013

what about my suggestion?


yes, have tried another account, no good...I need this to be happening in the admin account anyway...
Top Expert 2013


mate, you probably have default font files they have been overwritten with incorrect file names as stated above, eg Font is named Times Roman but is actually the font file for WingDings, just named Times New Roman.

maybe to fix requires cleaning out the registry for all references to this font and loading fonts from install media (or copied from another 'perfectly normal' computer).

Also, if you have existing documents/files that show Wingdings, does it show the same if opened on another computer? If so, those files were created in Wingding and of course on re-opening them, it will still be Wingdings. Only way to change those files would be using script/code (eg in case of MS Office docs, it would be VBA).
Top Expert 2011
I have read that Microsoft Power Point Viewer 2007 installs default Win 7 fonts and cures the problem.  At least 3 people with your problem found this to be the cure.

PowerPoint Viewer 2007

If Power Point Viewer 2007 works then perhaps Power Point Viewer for 2010 would work just as well

Also making a REG file from some posted text (which is impossible if you can't read your text to begin with) was suggested.  It is the default registry entries for Windows 7 fonts.  I have made the REG file for you so all you have to do is import it which doesn't require making or reading anything in Wingding font.  The contents of this file I am showing in this code box so you know what you are getting.

If you save the file to your desktop, you can copy and past this command line in an ADMINISTRATORS command prompt to import it.

regedit.exe /c %userprofile%\Desktop\Win7Fonts.reg

You will still get the Blah Blah "are you sure you want to do this?", dialog you have to agree with.  If the font for that is messed up with Wingdings, YES still has three letters and NO has only two.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts]
"Roman (All res)"="ROMAN.FON"
"Script (All res)"="SCRIPT.FON"
"Modern (All res)"="MODERN.FON"
"Small Fonts (VGA res)"="SMALLE.FON"
"Arial (TrueType)"="ARIAL.TTF"
"Arial Bold (TrueType)"="ARIALBD.TTF"
"Arial Bold Italic (TrueType)"="ARIALBI.TTF"
"Arial Italic (TrueType)"="ARIALI.TTF"
"Courier New (TrueType)"="COUR.TTF"
"Courier New Bold (TrueType)"="COURBD.TTF"
"Courier New Bold Italic (TrueType)"="COURBI.TTF"
"Courier New Italic (TrueType)"="COURI.TTF"
"Lucida Console (TrueType)"="LUCON.TTF"
"Lucida Sans Unicode (TrueType)"="L_10646.TTF"
"Times New Roman (TrueType)"="TIMES.TTF"
"Times New Roman Bold (TrueType)"="TIMESBD.TTF"
"Times New Roman Bold Italic (TrueType)"="TIMESBI.TTF"
"Times New Roman Italic (TrueType)"="TIMESI.TTF"
"WingDings (TrueType)"="WINGDING.TTF"
"Symbol (TrueType)"="SYMBOL.TTF"
"Symbol 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA res)"="SYMBOLE.FON"
"Verdana (TrueType)"="verdana.TTF"
"Verdana Bold (TrueType)"="verdanab.TTF"
"Verdana Italic (TrueType)"="verdanai.TTF"
"Verdana Bold Italic (TrueType)"="verdanaz.TTF"
"Arial Black (TrueType)"="ariblk.TTF"
"Comic Sans MS (TrueType)"="comic.TTF"
"Comic Sans MS Bold (TrueType)"="comicbd.TTF"
"Impact (TrueType)"="impact.TTF"
"Georgia (TrueType)"="georgia.TTF"
"Georgia Bold (TrueType)"="georgiab.TTF"
"Georgia Bold Italic (TrueType)"="georgiaz.TTF"
"Georgia Italic (TrueType)"="georgiai.TTF"
"Franklin Gothic Medium (TrueType)"="Framd.TTF"
"Franklin Gothic Medium Italic (TrueType)"="Framdit.TTF"
"Palatino Linotype (TrueType)"="pala.TTF"
"Palatino Linotype Bold (TrueType)"="palab.TTF"
"Palatino Linotype Bold Italic (TrueType)"="palabi.TTF"
"Palatino Linotype Italic (TrueType)"="palai.TTF"
"Tahoma Bold (TrueType)"="tahomabd.TTF"
"Trebuchet MS (TrueType)"="trebuc.TTF"
"Trebuchet MS Bold (TrueType)"="trebucbd.TTF"
"Trebuchet MS Bold Italic (TrueType)"="trebucbi.TTF"
"Trebuchet MS Italic (TrueType)"="trebucit.TTF"
"Webdings (TrueType)"="webdings.TTF"
"Estrangelo Edessa (TrueType)"="estre.TTF"
"Gautami (TrueType)"="gautami.TTF"
"Latha (TrueType)"="latha.TTF"
"Mangal (TrueType)"="mangal.TTF"
"Mv Boli (TrueType)"="mvboli.TTF"
"Raavi (TrueType)"="raavi.TTF"
"Shruti (TrueType)"="shruti.TTF"
"Tunga (TrueType)"="tunga.TTF"
"Sylfaen (TrueType)"="sylfaen.TTF"
"WST_Czec (All res)"="wst_czec.FON"
"WST_Engl (All res)"="wst_engl.FON"
"WST_Fren (All res)"="wst_fren.FON"
"WST_Germ (All res)"="wst_germ.FON"
"WST_Ital (All res)"="wst_ital.FON"
"WST_Span (All res)"="wst_span.FON"
"WST_Swed (All res)"="wst_swed.FON"
"Courier 10,12,15 (VGA res)"="COURE.FON"
"MS Sans Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA res)"="SSERIFE.FON"
"MS Serif 8,10,12,14,18,24 (VGA res)"="SERIFE.FON"
"Tahoma (TrueType)"="TAHOMA.TTF"
"Microsoft Sans Serif (TrueType)"="MICROSS.TTF"
"Arial Narrow (TrueType)"="ARIALN.TTF"
"Book Antiqua (TrueType)"="BKANT.TTF"
"Bookman Old Style (TrueType)"="BOOKOS.TTF"
"Century Gothic (TrueType)"="GOTHIC.TTF"
"Garamond (TrueType)"="GARA.TTF"
"Haettenschweiler (TrueType)"="HATTEN.TTF"
"MS Outlook (TrueType)"="OUTLOOK.TTF"
"Monotype Corsiva (TrueType)"="MTCORSVA.TTF"
"Wingdings 2 (TrueType)"="WINGDNG2.TTF"
"Wingdings 3 (TrueType)"="WINGDNG3.TTF"
"Book Antiqua Bold (TrueType)"="ANTQUAB.TTF"
"Book Antiqua Bold Italic (TrueType)"="ANTQUABI.TTF"
"Book Antiqua Italic (TrueType)"="ANTQUAI.TTF"
"Arial Narrow Bold (TrueType)"="ARIALNB.TTF"
"Arial Narrow Bold Italic (TrueType)"="ARIALNBI.TTF"
"Arial Narrow Italic (TrueType)"="ARIALNI.TTF"
"Bookman Old Style Bold (TrueType)"="BOOKOSB.TTF"
"Bookman Old Style Bold Italic (TrueType)"="BOOKOSBI.TTF"
"Bookman Old Style Italic (TrueType)"="BOOKOSI.TTF"
"Bookshelf Symbol 7 (TrueType)"="BSSYM7.TTF"
"Garamond Bold (TrueType)"="GARABD.TTF"
"Garamond Italic (TrueType)"="GARAIT.TTF"
"Century Gothic Bold (TrueType)"="GOTHICB.TTF"
"Century Gothic Bold Italic (TrueType)"="GOTHICBI.TTF"
"Century Gothic Italic (TrueType)"="GOTHICI.TTF"
"MS Reference Sans Serif (TrueType)"="REFSAN.TTF"
"MS Reference Specialty (TrueType)"="REFSPCL.TTF"

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A repair install on 7 always only keeps files and data doesn't it? Programs will be backs up the data in windows.old. This is not an option.

The above is not true for a repair in Windows 7. Microsoft has put tools in place to check operating system files for integrity and to repair them. It doesn't touch installed application, nor does it create a windows.old folder.

You can also try running this command:
sfc /scannow

This will check protected system files and repairs any errors.


The stuff legends are made of ! Thankyou for this spot on fix, you went to a lot of trouble and I really appreciate it...thanks to everyone who commented, but have to give the gong to The man...
Top Expert 2011

I'm so glad this fixed your problem.  Your comment makes all the effort I put into your solution worth while :o)  Thank you.

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