How much RAM Domain computers have?


have a lot of windows xp mahcines in a domain how can I quickly find our how much memory each one has? Without going to each machin manually...?

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mrhamenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or if you are looking to gather other information about your network and its hardware and want some easy to use canned reports or to be able to create your own give this a look

For querying remote Wnidows XP machines (for later OSes you will have to change a security item to allow this to work remotely):

Put a list of XP machine names in a text file, one machine per line (we'll call this myPCs.txt)

From a command prompt logged in with an account that has administrative privileges on the PCs:
for /f %x in (myPCs.txt) do wmic /node:%x computersystem get totalphysicalmemory,caption
andybrookeAuthor Commented:
sorry that command doesnt seem to work says /f is not recongnised as a command
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looks like you left "for" off the beginning of the command line.  the actual command is "for" where "/f" is just an option to look in a file.
Retrieve and Save Hardware Information

List Physical Memory Properties

Both work well or there are a few other scripts that will do similar in the MS script repo.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
I asked a similar Q a long time ago here, and got a great answer, and still use the script as suggested.

- Check it out... Danny
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