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Excel updated links automatically - help

Hello experts,

We have a rather complex system that has been created using excel and uses links to other files spread in several directories.

Today we have noticed that all the file locations have been updated meaning the calculation sheets can not be updated.  All the links have been updated in the same way, for example the link should read:


however it now reads:


The share name seems to have been duplicated.  However this has not happened to excel documents that reference an excel document in the same folder.

What I need to understand is why this has happened and any possible resolutions.

Many thanks for taking time to read this.

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You probably won't find the reason why this happened... In fact, the only reason I could imagine is that someone went in and either updated the formula or accidentally did a find/replace.

I think you're easiest fix is to do a find/replace and correct your formulas. At least you won't have to correct them one at a time.
GlenmoranUKAuthor Commented:
There are hundreds of files and links all over the place..  ;o)

I tried one find/replace and it took over half an hour..  

Thus trying to find out what caused it...
GlenmoranUKAuthor Commented:
It gets even more bizarre..  After doing a restore from backup of several files we see that on one PC the paths are OK and on another PC the paths have the duplication.  Same file, accessed the same way, same Excel version.....

Anyone have CSi's number?  
GlenmoranUKAuthor Commented:
Reasoning found.  Was due to an excel 2007 security update:


Once removed the links were back to normal on the machines that were having the error.
GlenmoranUKAuthor Commented:
After investigation this was found to be the cause of the problem
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