Do I need two sitemap

Suppose in the navigation plan, I set up twos. One is vertical on the left sidebar, the second one is just below the header which is Horizontal.

My question is that do I need two siter map files?

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libby9284Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You configure it in the web.config  this link shows how to do it and then how to, outside the web.config, set the second sitemapprovider up.
Yes.  You might be able to do something programmatically to do it with one sitemap file but using two sitemap files will save you time and would likely be more efficient.
zhshqzycAuthor Commented:
Then how can we match them each other?
Suppose the first control is a menu, the second one is a treeview.
The sitemap files: web1.sitemap and web2.sitemap.
I want

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use a menu control and bind it to the first sitemap file, then use a treeview and bind it to the second sitemap file.  Some examples can be found here
zhshqzycAuthor Commented:
How to bind?
The <asp:SiteMapDataSource> control automatically connects to the default sitemap file (web.sitemap).

How it knows which one is default sitemap? Is there an ID?
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