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I have an SBS 2003 with ActiveSync configured. I am able to connect iPhones to this server for purposes of Email however, when I attempt to connect with a droid, I receive authentication errors for the username and password, which I have checked twice now and reset.
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beridiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you will need the ip of the server that you need to connect to (external ip) you can this by typing
then on your droid goto exchange settings and put the ip of your server in the server tag.

You will need a static ip otherwise when you restart you internet you will have a diffrent ip

once you have put the IP in then fill in domain ,username and password. once you have done this you might need to check the firewall  hope this helps

LouSch7Author Commented:

I have attempted as you suggested however, it is still not working for me on the droid.
LouSch7Author Commented:
So, I had the domain part wrong, I have addressed this and was able to complete the setup however, it shows that the inbox is empty and that there are no unread messages when in fact there are three unread messages.

Appears to have connected however, does not appear to be pulling the data.
LouSch7Author Commented:
As another note... I can SEND email successfully.
LouSch7Author Commented:
Disregard, it is all working now, had to reboot the phone.
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