Hi all
I have 2 questions to ask pls
1. I want to be able to connect any IP Phone or softphone to a UC540 via internet connection. We want to avoid VPN for making things easier for teleworkers and for us as IT also. I have been trying for hours to get the phones to work but they all stuck at registering... warning (for ip communicator) and connecting... (for ip phones). Can anyone give me the correct ports that i need to open or some other hint to help me get this to work?
2. I have been asked to change the SCCP or SIP standard ports port for making things a little more secure since we are not going to implement VPN. can this be done? And how?
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1) As standard for VoIP the registration and connecting happens over in- and outgoing UDP trafic on port 5060 (and some times 5004 also).

2) As this question I don't know depends on the equipment etc.

Hope this helps a little on the way.
giorgosy78Author Commented:
None of the other answers were correct
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