[Magento] Ready to setup secondary store - default theme modified by contractor

When the contractor installed our store, he modified some core code as well as the default template/skin.

How can I get our store to a position where we can add another store without causing any problems with our current store?

How do I rename our current store so we can add a new one without repercussions?

** We know we cannot upgrade due to the core modifications **
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Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerAsked:
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miked2004Connect With a Mentor Commented:

First, if you are going to be doing the themes they you need to read up on magento themes.

Now you will notice in the article you should have just read that the themes have a directory for template files and a directory for css,images, ect. Please note that below are the default locations.
A) app/design/frontend/default/default/
B) skin/frontend/default/default/

What you need to do is move your current theme folders into a new directory.
A) app/design/frontend/YOURPACKAGE/default
B) skin/frontend/YOURPACKAGE/default

Now you need to set the config setting in the admin to use this new theme for you current store.
Go to Admin -> system -> configuration -> design. This is where themes are managed.
Under the package fieldset change the "Current Package Name" to the value of "YOURPACKAGE". Next make sure that under the "Themes" fieldset the "Default" field is set to "default". Clear out any other values in the Themes fieldset.

Now you site should be pulling the theme from the new directories.

Now to restore the original default themes. Download the same version of Magento and replace/merge
app/design/frontend and skin/frontend with what is in the download of magento. The theme you just created will not be overridded b/c it is in a new folder that does not exist in Magento.

Then vola. You have your custom theme in its own folder and you have restored the original default theme.

On a side note: Magento is a nice package. It just takes a little time to get use to the conventions used. In order to use it properly and to make things easier on yourself you need to read and learn about magento then implement any changes you need. A background knowledge of Zend Framework also helps out.
There are a few ways of adding a store/website.

Is it a new website or a new store?
Just go to system-> Store Manager and add a website/store/store view.

Regarding how to do it w/o causing any problems with the core mods. That depends on what was modified. A good developer would have coded things in a way to not mess-up a multi-site install.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerAuthor Commented:
good developer
Which we certainly did not have.
They modified a tone of core code as well as modules.
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Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerAuthor Commented:
Still waiting for more info on how to do this.
Follow the directions and reply if you run into an issue.

Setting up multi store/website is very dependent on you hosting company and what they allow you to do with your server setup.

If you are not a programmer you will probably need one to help you.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerAuthor Commented:
We host our own sites and I *AM* a programmer. It's just that I have not messed with this Magento convoluted piece of crap before. I have experience with Prestashop.

The situation is like this. We are going to offer some affiliates to have a shop of their own on our site using a subdomain. We will style the sites according to their sites and it will look like their users are still on their site even though they are on our subdomain.

We are needing info on how to setup Magento like that where it does not screwed up our default site because the original developer did not make a copy of the default site before making mods to it. It is still called default. How can we safely make a copy and rename it then restore the default store easily?
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I am severely searching for a replacement for Magento. We only use the cart and one page checkout portions, we don't actually use anything else in Magento.  The site is ExpressionEngine-based and we list all our products using EE. When we want to "add something to the cart" we use Magento code to add the item to the cart and show the cart. Then we use One-Page checkout for the checkout stuff with the PayPal module. We use UPS and USPS shipping modules, too.

Magento is way to complicated for the use it has been tasked to do on this site. The contractors that did this site knew neither EE or Magento and the results show that they didn't. Implied expertise was certainly missing in this instance.

We sell seats to education courses as well as publications so the product lines are not typical Magento fare. We also allow users to register other people for the courses so it had to be setup kind of weird. The way they handled that was to use a voucher object and add each participant to the voucher when they were added. The voucher object is parsed at checkout and passed to our backend via webservice.
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