Citrix server can't take it for 30 minutes it after a BSOD

We have a Citrix 4.5 farm with over a dozen Win 2003 x64 servers with 12Gb of ram, each with dual quadcore xeon 3Ghz
It doesnt happen often, but each we have a BSOD on one of them during office hours we seem to face the same problem each time.

By the time the 50 to 60 users who were on that server, realize their session is gone (5 minutes or so) they try to start their applications again. Ofcourse by that time the crashed server has booted up already and accepting new connections.
The citrix loadbalancer then sends all these users which dont have a session yet, to that one server which is empty. (or still with less resources in use in comparison to the others in the farm)
And this one citrix server, freshly booted gets all these new users all at once, and he cant take it anymore for 20-30 minutes.
End-users think something is wrong on their end, click the application again. The first session isnt known yet in the sessions list, so gets another session, again on that one server which already busy enough, making it worse.

It helps putting that one server 'offline' in the farm, but I have to be fast doing that and most of the times I realize what happened it's already (or near) up to speed again.

Any suggestions how to best deal with this?
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joharderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Be sure to incorporate the load throttling rule within the load evaluator that's applied to your servers.  Load throttling causes each logon to intentionally artificially inflate the impact of multiple user logons so that a new server brought into service doesn't bear the load of all the new connections.  When you do add this rule, the default setting is high, but in your case, you may wish to set to very high.
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Well I'd be looking into why they BSoD of course - chances are, given it's x64 it'll be a driver. Most likely a printer driver.

But why not apply a startup script via GPO to run a simple .cmd file to disable logins?

In the .cmd file, add the following:

@echo off
change logon /disable

That way, on restart, the server will automagically disallow user logons.
warddhoogheAuthor Commented:
thanks for your suggestion, but that would not work out well with our weekly reboots
Tony JConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Well it could be made to:

Get hold of sleep.exe and change it to:

@echo off
change logon /disable
sleep 15
change logon /enable

That way, it would give you however long you require to remediate things, whilst on an automated reboot, automatically allowing logons again after xx minutes.

You'd need to examine the sleep.exe parameters for the exact times you required.
warddhoogheAuthor Commented:
fyi: we take good care of driver and firmware updates and only use the Citrix printer drivers to avoid these kind of problems.
The reboots arent always due to BSOD. Yesterdays for example, was due to power distribution problems.
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