load based upon date

I have two columns createdt and changedt both character 14 looks like (20101108140439) I want to do daily load based upon these two dates with date() function

So sumthing like this if createdt or changedt changed in last 2 days capture those last 2 days and insert data

Select * from aa
Where createdt or changedt <= date() -2 days

Other thing is we have global macro &loaddt if I want to use that
Instead of date() how can I do tht.
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Aloysius LowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
my mistake, it should be >= instead

otherwise, it might be safer to use in (date() - 1, date() - 2) to explicitly state the 2 dates that you are interested in...
Aloysius LowCommented:
what you could do is to compare date() - 2 against substring of createdt and changedt in your where condition:
where input(substr(createdt, 1, 8), yymmdd8.) <= date() - 2 or input(substr(changedt, 1, 8), yymmdd8.) <= date() - 2

if you have a macro loaddt and that variable already stores a numeric date value, then you could simply replace date() with &loaddt, otherwise, you'll need to convert the value stored in &loaddt into numeric first, so it all depends on how the value in &loaddt is stored
sam2929Author Commented:
i am running the below query which should pick last 2 days but its just picking all the days

select createddt,input(substr(createddt, 1, 8), yymmdd8.),date() from aa
where input(substr(createddt, 1, 8), yymmdd8.) <= date() - 2
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sam2929Author Commented:
what if the date format is date9. what format should where caluse be then
sam2929Author Commented:
what if the createddt format is date9. what format should where caluse be then
Aloysius LowCommented:
anydtdte should work
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