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Hi Guys,
I have a situation where l have 2 internet connections, one is high speed ADSL and the other is the same. Reason for 2 is for a backup line. Now l want to put 10 pc's on one line and the rest on the other. I also have external users that RDP into the system. I notice that l can only set one router to do port forwarding on the same subnet, how can l fix this as l would like to port forward on both routers

Thanks for your help in advance
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OK.  Is it an intelligent switch, e.g. can it to VLANs?  If not, you may need to get another switch, then plug one network into it and the other into your current switch.  Everything is on the same subnet now, but when you divide them into two different subnets, you will need two different switches, or one switch that has VLAN capabilities and can differentiate between the LANs internally.
How is your network set up on the inside?  Are both routers currently using the same LAN-side network (common switch)?  Please tell us a little more about your current configuration. subnets currently being used, etc.
fusoniq_solutionsAuthor Commented:
Both routers are plugged into the same switch with different IP addresses
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