CSS change font color of links - please help


.health  a:hover{background:#c6e645}

On the main page of Stunnazine.com, under the title bar "Inside this Issue" the links are a blue color. I want them to be #272727. But I want the green highlight hover to remain. How do i change this?

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HagayMandelConnect With a Mentor Commented:

.helth a {
	color: #272727;

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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi VenusBreeze,

Just change the

a:link, * html .wp-polls-ans p a:visited, * html .wp-polls-ans p a:link, * html .wp-polls-ans p a {}

declaration in styles.css.  Should be line 9 or thereabouts.

VenusBreezeAuthor Commented:
sweet, thank you!
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