MS Lync 2010 enabled user count.

Hi Team,

How can i generate a report of the lync enabled users in a excel ot .txt format.
In GUI it bjust shows upto 200 users.

Thanks -
Sujitraj Sancheti
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Hi YogeshSLK,

I would use the Csvde tool (available on all windows 2008 domain controllers or on member servers after installing the AD DS and AD LDS Tools feature under Remote Server Administration Tools).

The exact cmd would be > csvde -f c:\users.csv -r (msRTCSIP-UserEnabled=TRUE) -l "displayName,sn,givenname,mail,telephoneNumber,mobile,homephone"

Obviously you can work on the output to include other ad fields you're interested in.
Not that I have found.  The resource table int eh RTC database int he backend has a list of users but I cannot find where the login time, date, active vs inactive info is.  I will dig in as well and try to find out more.
YogeshSLKAuthor Commented:
You guys have mis understood my question. I want to generate the list of users whom we have given the access to use Microsoft Lync 2010 application.

In GUI it just shows up to 200 users .
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I understood, unfortunately an easy way does not exist.  Even in the monitoring reports it does not show up.  the only way I know how to get it is through AD or the backend database.  Neither way is easy or necessarily accurate.  It has been somehting I have been investigating for a little while with no real luck.

CSVDE is basically an AD directory export tool that dumps everything into a CSV file and if you know the fields you are looking for that would work, unfortunately I do not know what fields say "I have been enabled for Lync"  That is the part I am looking into for our users.
Please be more specific. Is it the last log in time you're interested in? I have added an image of our sysadmin shell we have developed for our boxed Lync solution that shows this info, which is obtained from the backend database indeed. With regards to the AD attributes, the attribute msRTCSIP-UserEnabled=TRUE tells if a user is enabled for Lync. Other fields, starting with msRTCSIP are also Lync related, Active Communications Lync appliance ACS sysadmin shell
NICE wvanschaik71!!!  That is great.  How did you create that and what fileds on the back end did you use?
Hi djjackfrwmml, This answer becomes off topic, but the shell is part of the Lync appliance that we sell through an independent reseller channel. Our company aims to get the complexity out of Lync and sell the Lync appliance (named ACS by us) as a pbx though our Telecoms and IT partners. The shell originates back to OCS2007 when we started to bring a stand alone boxed UC solution to our partners. Though i'm willing to advise on some topics, the shell is part of where our company makes money with and the data parts where the information is coming from has been done by our developers using Lync API's, making it hard for me to pinpoint a specific datasource. However if you're interested in selling and deploying Lync appliances, feel free to contact us for partner opportunities at
gotcha, I am just impressed that you did it.  I have been looking at that darn backend SQL DB and it is a rat's nest of data.  Congrats on a great solution
YogeshSLKAuthor Commented:
That is not what i am looking for... I need list of users who has permission to use microsoft lync 2010 application.
it sounds like using AD may be the way to go here as wvan pointed out:

With regards to the AD attributes, the attribute msRTCSIP-UserEnabled=TRUE tells if a user is enabled for Lync

Use a tool like CSVDE or LDIFDE to ge the info using the parameters he gave above.

Here is a site that tells how to use CSVDE:
YogeshSLKAuthor Commented:
i am closing this question as their was no update on this from a very long time.

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YogeshSLKAuthor Commented:
Their was no update on my querry hence closing this request.
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