Windows 7, Which edition to buy

I am going to be buying a new computer for home use and need to choose an operating system.

My requirements are as follows:
Use multiple screens, my screen card can take multiple screens but someone told me that not all Windows 7 editions can handle multiple screens.
Do programming in languages such as C++, QT4, Assembler, OpenGL, Prolog and Delphi.
Basic networking in a typical home environ.
And of course play games :)

Which Windows edition should I take? Home premium, Prof or Ultimate? Would a typical home user see the benefits of the higher end ones?
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These are the differences between the versions of Windows 7:

Hope to help

I am 99% sure that all windows editions can take multiple screens.

Well you need to figure out, if your applications need 32 og 64 bit OS.

If all of your applications can run in 32-bit and you have no need for 64-bit and no need for domain capabilities. Then you could take the Home Premium version.

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You can get any Windows 7 version except "Windows 7 Starter Edition"

You don't seem to have any special networking need, so go for the Windows 7 Home Premium" edition
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Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
In your case Home Premium is enough :) You don't need more. I would recommend buying 64bit OS because it support more RAM (as you mentioned, you want to play games, 4GB is basic start these days :] )

As you didn't mention about any video and media center apps, you don't need Ultimate (it's the most expensive edition with all features). Pro is only for companies and can be compared to Win XP pro.

PGantAuthor Commented:
I'll be going with the 64 bit Home premium edition. Thanks.
According to me windows ultimate would be the best option ..If you are into programming then u do not want to buy a o.s that might have certain restrictions... if you can wait for another two months windows 8 might be out.

The accepted solution is wrong! Not all windows editions can take multiple screens...

PGant mentioned 3 different Windows Versions: "Home premium, Prof or Ultimate"

"All" of these "Mentioned" Windows versions support multiple screens!

KOTiS, wich one of these does not support ?! and why is my response wrong?
San, the comment that says that all windows editions can take multiple screens is misleading because Windows 7 Starter edition will not support multiple screens.


Well, maybe I did forget to write "all of the mentioned versions" to be precise.

But he was only asking for those 3 versions of Windows 7.
PGantAuthor Commented:
Which restrictions would I have with Home Premium vs Ultimate with regards to the programming.
The languages/programs that I am going to be using are:
C++, QT4, Prolog, Delphi, Netwide assembler and possibly some Java.

I dont think there would be any.
For example "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010" runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. So no worries there.

You need to figure out if your software can run on 32-bit OS (Operating System) or do you need to get a 64-bit OS.

here is a link that compares the versions on a more deeper level:
PGantAuthor Commented:
I have posted a new question relating to the programming aspect.

San3L, I understood your response to refer to the three windows versions I mentioned so there was no ambiguity to me.
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Windows 7

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